Daily Archives: September 22, 2013

Sun Tea

I first learned of the concept of “sun tea” from Rachel a couple years back, but never actually made any until I was here, where Adam recently claimed to have added a couple extra “teabags” into my brewing sun tea. I’ve made green tea and barley tea thus far (the one pictured is barley tea). Next up is probably black tea!

You’ll need a big pitcher, preferably glass. I have a plastic one because it was $2. :x When it’s done, I usually stick the pitcher in my fridge so I’ll have tea ready whenever I don’t feel like drinking plain ol’ water.

Sun Tea

You can kinda see my reflection, haha.

-2-4 tea bags, depending on how strong the tea is
-filtered water

1) Fill the pitcher up with filtered water.
2) Submerge tea bags into the water. Close the lid.
3) Set in a sunbeam for 4-5 hours.