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Barley Milk Tea

I realize this looks just like regular ol’ soy/almond/something milk, but you can definitely taste/smell the barley in there! O:  I first had barley milk tea somewhere in my hometown in one of the many milk tea shops we have there. I adored it, and wanted to find a way to recreate it, to some extent. It took ages to locate an Asian market that actually sold barley tea bags (I actually had much better luck with this when I was living in New Jersey. It’s popular in Korean markets!). This isn’t exactly like the kind I had back home because it’s not sweet, so feel free to try it with vanilla almond/soy/rice milk or add a little honey/sugar?

Barley Milk Tea

-1 barley tea bag
-unsweetened coconut almond milk

1) Brew the barley tea and let it cool/chill for a couple hours in the refrigerator.
2) Pour until cup is 3/4 full, then add coconut almond milk to the top.
3) Mix and enjoy!