The riskiest thing I’ve done this week/month = going to the gym to work out before an exam.

By that, I mean that I walked reallyreally quickly at an incline on a treadmill while staring at my notes, so it wasn’t really even all that risky.

This month, our school is doing “Treadmill Wars” between the two classes and the faculty to raise money for breast cancer research. I figured now would be as good a time as any to incorporating cardio back into my life. Fuel that competitive spirit! :P


About Farrah

A frugal, selectively antisocial Family Medicine resident physician with too many interests. Loves...God, family, friends, volunteering and helping others, making others happy, music (especially piano and singing), Tahitian/hula/salsa/pole dancing, aerial silks, learning, writing, cooking, eating, sleeping, lifting weights, playing SNES and DS, photography, editing, window-shopping, gymnastics, kickboxing, BJJ, finding great deals, pyrography, horseback riding, archery, frolicking in the great outdoors...making every moment count.

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