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Tuna Mozzarella Salad Bowl

I was having trouble meeting my macros because I didn’t pack enough food with me for the day and ended up eating one of the protein bars I keep in my car for exactly this purpose (why oh why do you have 43g of CHO’s in that tiny little thing!?). I’ve actually been paying a little more attention to this lately because I have another competition (yay for that competitive spirit!) coming up and I want to kick all sorts of butt in it. If it goes well, I’ll probably talk about it. If not, well, hopefully no one will remember that I ever mentioned this. :] I’ve been a little lazy (aka too busy) to cook stuff lately, which is a shame because I’ve actually run out of backdated recipes to share. :[ I’ll find some time to mass-produce food again. Hopefully.

Tuna Mozzarella Salad Bowl
Nutritional Info: 157 calories, 2g CHO’s, 4g fat, 25g protein, 392mg sodium.

-1 can tuna (Chicken of the Sea, in water)
-2 mozzarella balls (~15g), cherry-sized
-1/3 cup diced green/red/yellow bell peppers
-dash of Weber’s Kick’n Chicken seasoning

1) Shred the mozzarella balls + dice up the peppers.
2) Combine all ingredients and consume!