Daily Archives: October 19, 2013

casting/splinting lab

We had our casting/splinting lab in clinical skills last week. It was the lab I was most excited for and it didn’t disappoint! :]

The left is my friend’s handiwork and the right is mine. (The ACE bandages are old, so they don’t stretch all that well anymore. We were conserving resources.

I also got to cut part of a cast off of someone! :D

While we’re still on the subject of school, the time I spent tutoring first years in anatomy was rather well-spent! :] (I went into every lab session they had and spent a total of 10 hours that week with them. My priorities were probably severely misplaced because I had my final the same day as their practical, but it turned out okay!) The class as a whole actually got kinda slaughtered and only 16% passed the practical, but this was mostly because the questions on the side had nothing to do with what they’d been taught. They ended up having to curve the practical (which they rarely ever do), but two of the students I tutored came back to tell me that they had been within that 16%, and that with the curve, they got a 96% and a 98.3%!

I’m so happy for them! :D :D :D

On an entirely unrelated note, I signed up to be in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! Long story short, it’s a fundraiser for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. If you sign up, donate $4 and qualify (just have an active food blog for >2 months), you send 3 different bloggers a dozen homemade cookies and you’ll receive 3 different boxes of cookies from other bloggers. :]! Tasty treats while supporting a great cause? Win-win!