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Pumpkin Beef & Chicken Chili

Monika and I decided to do a sort of pumpkin-themed dinner after one of our quizzes last week! As luck would have it, I happened upon the cutest crockpot in the world a couple weeks ago, and it was on sale for <$20! Needless to say (after reading some reviews online), I brought it home with me.

Ain’t it adorable!?

I was originally going to try to recreate one of my favorite food truck of all time because I really miss their food, but driving 9 hours to visit a food truck is hardly reasonable when I’m supposed to be in school to learn to save lives. In any case, I unfortunately ran out of turkey when I made the Thai Turkey Zucchini Meatballs, so I figured I should just use up the ingredients I already had before I went and spent more money. The recipe for this was adapted from here!

Pumpkin Beef & Chicken Chili
Nutritional Info: (makes 16 [big] servings) 152 cal, 14g CHO’s, 6g fat, 13g protein, 4g fiber, 514mg sodium per serving!

-1 tbsp EVOO
-1 lb. lean ground beef (91%)
-8 chicken hot dogs, diced
-1 14 oz. can diced tomatoes w/ garlic + onion
-1 14 oz. can diced tomatoes w/ no salt
-1 15 oz. can chili beans
-1 15 oz. can black beans
-1 15.5 oz can pumpkin
-freshly ground black pepper
-1 tbsp brown sugar
-cayenne pepper
-ground ginger
-ground cloves
-ground nutmeg

1) Heat EVOO in a large skillet over medium heat and brown the beef, stirring often until crumbly and no longer pink. Drain + discard any fat.
2) Dice up the chicken hot dogs.
2) Transfer beef + chicken to the crockpot and stir in the diced tomatoes, pumpkin, chili beans, black beans, brown sugar and all spices. Set cooker to “Low,” cover and cook for at least 3 hours.