Daily Archives: November 10, 2013

treadmill wars

Last month, ACOOG (OB/GYN club) decided to have “Treadmill Wars” in order to raise money for breast cancer research. Each person donated $5 to participate and teams were divided up into…Class of 2016, Class of 2017, and Staff.

We won in that order.

My class (2016!) contributed a total of 985.01 miles. Class of 2017 did 895.92 miles, and the staff did 811.18 miles.

What’s really exciting to me is that I was actually in the top 20 runners! (No wayyy!) This is alarming only in the sense that I’m a terrible runner and hate cardio. The only reason I managed to do so many miles was due to two things:

  • I started doing fasted cardio in the morning. I’ve gotten really good at powerwalking on an incline.
  • I wouldn’t get off the treadmill until I finished all my firecracker (formerly known as gunnertraining) review questions. If you’re in med school and worrying about boards, I’d highly recommend it. It’s awesome for forcing you to retain knowledge, if only because you get so sick of being stumped at the same question every time that you decide to finally learn it. Whatever works, right?

I was the #8 runner overall and #3 in my class! :O!!!