Daily Archives: December 16, 2013

treat swap

Last month, I decided to steal borrow the idea of the Food Blogger Cookie Swap and do a treat swap within my school. :D Since I happen to love food, and food fundraisers tend to go pretty well here because we’re all starving students, I figured it’d work out pretty well. (I guess we’re not starving since the school feeds us pretty often, but still…we’re all living on government money.)

Pixie helped me make the flier because she’s awesome:

I ended up collecting over 1000 treats to send out to the troops, the Family Refuge Center, senior centers and children’s homes and $75 to help support the local no-kill shelters! :]

Things the flier didn’t include that would be good for future reference:

  • Location for payment/treat drop-off
  • Individually wrap the treats (or at least wrap each dozen separately) in a way that’ll keep em’ fresh and transportable!

This was definitely a fun one to do though. Collecting everything and repackaging them to deliver to everyone took a little longer than I expected, but all in all, I think it went well and I hope people had fun with it. :]

While we’re on the subject of dessert swaps and the like, the rest of the cookie posts can now be accessed in the following links!

There are 555 recipes contained in those links. :O Enjoy. (The cookie swap raised $13,778.40!)