Daily Archives: January 3, 2014

failed logic

: I think you’ve gotten a lot prettier. This cream will get rid of the brown spots on your face though.
F: . . .The “brown spots on my face?”
: What are they called? Freckles? If you just got rid of those, your face would be perfect.
F: . . .
: So are you going to use this cream?
F: Do you realize you’re pretty much the only person who’s ever made me hate the way I looked because of my freckles?
: Why would you hate your face?
F: Oh, I don’t know, maybe it was the couple decades of, “Oh, you’d be so much prettier if you didn’t have freckles.”
: What’s wrong with getting rid of your freckles? Don’t you think you’d be prettier without them?
F: No.
: Everyone thinks that having no freckles would make you look better.
F: No, they don’t.

thanks, mom.

Apparently, she can’t understand why I would find this insulting.