Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

PAX Medical Trip to Dominican Republic

For the record, I absolutely hate soliciting people for money. Things are difficult enough as it is, and I know money’s tight, but since we are rather short on our goal, I thought I’d put this out there…

If you have anything at all to spare, please consider donating to PAX! Every dollar helps!
If you do so happen to donate, please write that it’s to benefit Farrah. (We’re each supposed to raise at least $100, but I’m definitely trying for more.) The money donated doesn’t actually go to me since I’m paying my own way there, but we’re using the money we raise to buy medications + supplies for the people we’ll be treating there.

This was us at last year’s international festival!

Our biggest fundraiser (aka International Festival) has yet to happen, and I’m planning on hustling a billion different businesses tomorrow, but it’s kinda difficult since it’s such a small town and every time the school has an event, we’re dispersed throughout the community to solicit for donations. I feel terrible about it. Publicizing events isn’t as much of a problem (to me) because at least they get something in return, but straight-up donations? sigh. :[ I fully intend on trying to convince everyone at my church/chorale/places I volunteer for to come to the International Festival (at least with that, I can promise them awesome food and performances?).

I’m pretty excited for this year because we’re making our own costumes! I taught a Tahitian/hula medley of sorts this year, so we’re going with a sort of hybrid Tahitian/hula costume. I ordered all the material yesterday night and am crossing all my limbs in hopes that it’ll come in this weekend, so I can get to work on em’! (In all the spare time that I have. hah, hah, hah.)