Daily Archives: January 31, 2014

in disguise

“I’m convinced that this school is actually a culinary school in disguise. How is it that everyone here knows how to make such amazing food!?”

She may be onto something there. My personal theory is that the restaurants here (although a lot of them really are awesome) are somewhat lacking in variety, so instead we learn to make everything on our own. (Or maybe that’s just what happened to me.)

This is my plate from the Wilderness Medicine dinner! :] Recipes for the 2/3 of the dishes I made (fried apples + honey molasses cookies) will be posted shortly!

Salad, cornbread, venison tenderloin, mashed potatoes, chili, bear stew, squirrel stew, roasted brussel sprouts, venison shepherd’s pie, turtle cheesecake, chocolate eclairs, green bean casserole, cole slaw…