Daily Archives: February 2, 2014

ashland adventures

Over MLK weekend, we decided to go on a trip to Ashland to see what we could do about finding housing at least somewhat close to each other, although our #1 hope is to just all be in the same complex so we can have band jam sessions whenever and so I’ll have people to cook for (and people to buy my groceries in exchange <3 ).

As we were standing on the street corner debating what to do next while Mike tried to obtain a new phone from the AT&T store (the first one we’d seen in almost half a year), Isaac decided to be difficult.

I: But Farrah, we’ve already been over this!!
F: It’ll never happen again, I swear! I’m sorry!!!
I: (looks around) People are going to think we’re together and that I abuse you.
F: You went there. :] I just went with it.

We ended up staying at a hotel downtown, but much to our chagrin, we found out that they’d shut off the hot water boilers. Translation: ice cold showers. They offered to comp us 50% of the night’s fee or to upgrade us to the hot tub suite. Mike went with the hot tub suite because it’d mean hot water…but it was filmy and gross and we looked up way too many organisms that could be hanging out in there, so we decided against going in.

Mike attempted to take a cold shower and pretty much froze. I tried later on and regretted my poor life choices. Sean decided to wait til we got home, so we gave him all sorts of crap about it the next day and made a big show of washing our hands or using hand sanitizer whenever he touched our things.

I: If you wanted friends, you should’ve thought about showering, Sean!

The suite we upgraded to also ended up only having one ginormous bed, but there was also a couch and we asked for a cot, so it worked out. Isaac tends to hit people and practically has convulsions in his sleep (“I’ve done my time!!!”), so no one wanted to be near him. When we were in the old room, I offered to take it for the team because I can sleep and have slept through explosions. We ended up exiling him to the couch in the suite so he could hurt no one.