Daily Archives: February 10, 2014


I cut in front of a friend to get food over the weekend since we were part of the backstage crew helping with an event that I will talk about once pictures come in. (In my defense, I asked first and he said he didn’t mind.)

A: I still haven’t forgiven you, Farrah. I’m not sure I ever will.
F: I am forever sorry! How can I make it up to you?
A: I don’t think you can. You don’t understand what food means to me.
F: I don’t think you understand how much food means to me. :O
A: I think I do.
F: I think the whole school does.
A: You’re the one who only eats the salads at the school.
F: Wait, what?
A: I may have gotten that wrong.
F: Just by a bit! If by salads, you mean everything, you’d be right. Except maybe the pizza. I’ve started boycotting that unless it’s really good pizza.
A: You should get one of those Garlic Sicilian pizzas from Bellacino’s. They’re amazing. They only come in large though so you might want to get a friend to help you eat it. Probably two if you want to eat it in one sitting.
F: That sounds kinda amazing, but I already have food for the day with me. :O
A: I’m going to keep sending you links and pictures of it until you try it. Or one day, it’ll just show up on your doorstep.
F: :O! Now we’re talkin’! It’d take a special sort of person to see it and go, “No, I’m not going to eat this delicious and free pizza.”
A: It’s all part of my plan to get you to be as large as possible. Then maybe I can finally squat more than you.* :'(
F: You probably already can. But deadlift! I’d challenge you to deadlifts!
A: No! I don’t want to go against you!
F: But the winner could have the pizza!?
A: That would be you!

*A previous conversation took place in the gym where he said it made him jealous how much better my form was than his.