Daily Archives: February 14, 2014

faces of the future

I like to refer to us (my friends here, our class, etc.) as “the faces of the future” whenever we do anything completely ridiculous. Thanks to PAX (…which is also the name of our international medicine club), classes were cancelled and our cars have pretty much been buried in snow. I’m only sad about the class cancellation because I wanted to skip one of my labs in March so I could go to the family medicine conference in Philly to run for national office. The downside is that the makeup date for that lab would be April 24, which is after classes have already ended and also happened to be when I wanted to run away to Arizona with my friends for the emergency medicine conference. Oh, date clashes, why you gotta be like that?!

On the plus side, it’s super pretty outside!

But it also means we’re snowed in. I wasn’t about to chance sliding into the river in an attempt to get home, so I set up camp on Sean/Isaac’s futon.

F: (gets up to microwave some food) Ahhhhhh!!!!
S: What’s going on? Are you okay?
F: I’m fine, I’m fine! The world just looks like it’s spinning off its axis and I can’t see anything right now. Probably just some orthostatic hypotension. Give me a minute!
S: Here, follow my finger with your eyes! Smile! Look like you’re angry at Isaac! Puff out your cheeks! Shrug your shoulders. Stick out your tongue! Say “Ah!”
F: (does all of the above)
S: Alright, my official diagnosis is orthostatic hypotension.
F: But that’s what I said before you ran through all the cranial nerves with me.
S: And you’ve had too much coffee.
F: But I haven’t had any coffee.
S: Too little coffee!

Say hello to your future doctors! (Hopefully.)

We were going to see how long it took for our cars to merge into one entity.