Daily Archives: March 4, 2014

Follies 2014

I am officially done with all performance-related events for the year and can retire to my study hibernation! :O We managed to raise $3k for the club and for the Family Refuge Center! :] The Follies Bake Sale went really well too (the red velvet s’mores bars I made got cleaned out! :O )

The Vagal Tones! :D (I’m the space in between, hence the lack of letter [just in case you were wondering.])

Dress rehearsal was goin’ well.

My attempt at being artsy during dress rehearsal. :O

The Vagal Tones has opened for U2 (yes, you two sitting up there in the front) and graciously decided to halt their world tour in order to come perform in the coolest small town in the United States. Don’t feel too bad though, because their next intended destination, North Korea, banned them from appearing anyway for being too cool. The Vagal Tones are living out their rock star fantasies with this med school band. When they’re not saving babies and curing cancer, they like to wind down with a little music.

Bollywood Fusion!

When Farrah isn’t studying in a basement cell, being roped into every club activity or event known to mankind, cooking and/or eating every edible substance on sight, or volunteering at animal shelters, she likes to remind herself that once upon a time, she was somehow a music performance major. She will be playing (aka attempting not to butcher) Franz Liszt’s third concert etude, “Un Sospiro.”

An ‘aparima literally means “the kiss of hands,” and is a type of dance from the Tahitian and Cook islands that tells a story set to music and mimed by hand gestures. Ti Ti Raina will be performed tonight by the “Hulagans.”

Last year’s Follies!