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Raw Vegan “Doughnut”

Almost 2 years ago, when I was being a demo girl for Twirly Girls at the San Jose Fitness Expo, I had a chance to meet Bryan Au, the author of Raw Star Recipes. He was super, super nice, and very enthusiastic about food. I got to sample two desserts that he’d made and was instantly sold. (Yes they were that delicious. :O ) Somehow, this is actually the very first recipe of his that I’ve tried out, but once I get my hands on chickpea miso, the rest will likely follow! I adapted this from his “Doughnuts” recipe! :] Since I didn’t put anywhere near as much flax seed (1/4 cup instead of 3/4 cup) as he did, I suspect this is why my doughnut didn’t “firm up” as much. To me, it didn’t really matter since it was still delicious (I just ate it with a spoon, haha).

Raw Vegan Doughnut

249 calories, 38g CHO’s, 12g fat, 7g protein, 12g fiber, 13mg sodium!

-1 banana, mashed
~1/4 cup milled flax seed
-handful coconut flakes, sweetened

1) Mash up the banana and mix thoroughly with the flax seed.
2) Roll it up into a ball and poke a hole in the middle.
3) Top with desired toppings! (I just used dried coconut flakes, but your options are pretty endless here.)