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Fried Bananas

Linda got this recipe from a restaurant she used to frequent with her family back when they were in SD. They went so often that when she poked her head into the kitchen to ask how the fried bananas were made, the chef actually told her. And I get to benefit from this! <3

This is a pretty darn versatile recipe in the sense that you can sub the liqueur with all kinds of different things. It’s also super quick (took about 5 minutes), so we made 3 different variations and I’m rather curious as to what else we can do with em’. O: It is in no way healthy (other than perhaps the fact that you start out with a fruit :P ), but I think there are definitely ways to healthify em’. I will likely try that out and will report back when I do!

Fried Bananas

-3 bananas, quartered
-1/8 tsp pure vanilla extract
-1 tbsp butter
-1/4 tbsp cinnamon sugar butter
-1 shot (1.5 oz or 3 tbsp) Grand Marnier (orange liqueur)*
-whipped cream (optional)
-Maraschino cherries (optional)

*Variation 1: 6 tbsp orange juice
*Variation 2: 1 shot peach schnapps

1) Heat/melt butter in a skillet and add the vanilla extract.
2) Add the bananas (flat-side down first!) and pour in the Grand Marnier (or whatever it is that you’re using).
3) When the bananas have turned a darker color, flip them and let cook for another 1-2 minutes.
4) Pour the remaining sauce over the bananas and top with whipped cream and cherries.

The sauce kinda caramelizes after a while and makes it even more delicious. *-*