Daily Archives: April 1, 2014

health nut

A good chunk of my class seems to believe that I’m vegan because I make a lot of vegan foods for potlucks (once you have one friend who’s vegan, it gets hard not to if you don’t want to exclude her from every potluck), whereas another sizable fraction is under the impression that I only ever eat healthy food. This is somewhat far from the truth in that although I do try to eat clean, I am very, very far from completely depriving myself of unhealthy stuff. Especially if they keep feeding us all these free desserts and such. >_> I’m glad that vegan pizzas are a thing at my school now though! It’s basically a cheeseless pizza where they put some sauce on and pile on a bunch of delicious roasted vegetables. Tis a wonderful option for the possibly lactose intolerant. <3

A: French toast? I wouldn’t expect a health nut like you to want French toast. I usually imagine you eating leaves and sprouts and stuff.
F: Well, in moderation! I like unhealthy stuff too!
A: Yeah, I know. I’ve witnessed you pounding down 9 Reeses pieces in 15 minutes.

P: Potato chips? You eat those?
F: Yeah!
P: I wouldn’t have expected that from you.
F: How come?
P: I don’t know. You just always have food with you, and you’re always eating. I have no idea how you stay so skinny. Wait, are these Sriracha flavored?
F: Yes indeed! Wanna try some? There are sweet potato chips too. I’ve become a chip snob.