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03/27/14: day #4 in rural Seibo

Last clinic day! We went to a super, super rural part of Seibo today and managed to see everyone there as well (tis a plus, because I hate having to turn anyone away). We saw 150 patients and I got to witness several pretty unique cases.

We saw a case of what we think was Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, as well as several hypertensive emergencies (I took a 224/106 and a 232/118). where one of our doctors did her very first IV Labetolol push while an translator interpreted for her and the patient through the window.

We stopped at a craft market put together by several women in the area after clinic and also set up a makeshift clinic back at the hotel for all the staff when we got back. OMT is a big hit with them because almost all of them had aches and pains of some sort. (We’ve coined a new phrase of”machete back” for the workers in the fields that end up with extremely tight back muscles.)

I’m unfortunately coming down with something that I sincerely hope is just what they refer to as “el gripe.” ( Typhoid fever would suck, but the incubation period is 6-32 days, if I recall correctly, and I think these are the wrong symptoms, so hopefully, I’m in the clear.

We’ve been really spoiled here. I’m sincerely going to miss having our meals prepared for us. ._. I’ve never had people legitimately stressed out that we were still working and hadn’t yet taken a break to eat. This is probably the most salt and sugar my body has seen since junior high. (My salt/sugar intake this week is probably more than I’d have in at least half a year.) My feet are so swollen that I no longer have malleoli. :( Small price to pay though, because the food has been delicious! I’m very much going to miss the passionfruit juice, fresh pineapples and coconuts, and plantains.

This encompasses our entire group, minus two of our Dominican doctors.