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May Fitness Challenge Kickoff

May 1

Yesterday kicked off the May Fitness Challenge over at JVKom Chronicles! Just [at least] 20 minutes once a day every day seems completely doable! There’s a link-up every Friday, and although I rarely talk about my workouts/fitness in general because food seems to encompass my entire life, I’m going to try to incorporate more of that from now on. Case in point, my roommate at the shelter (otherwise known as the adorable cat near the end of this post) thinks I’m full of all the crazies because she got to witness me doing all of these other than the jump squats. I think I’m off to a pretty good start though!

  • 1×100 glute bridges
  • 1×50 BW squats
  • 1×25 jump squats
  • 3×25 quadruped donkey kicks on each side
  • 3×25 quadruped hip extensions on each side
  • 5×2-minute Supermans (this is mainly because I do most of my studying while lying on my stomach; my back will probably hate me in the future)
  • A hell of a lot of super-powerwalking between different terminals/gates at the WV/DC/SF airports

I had an absolutely beautiful view whilst doing my jump squats!

May 2

I’m back home for a week before I go into my all-out study hibernation, so I went to two morning classes at Twirly Girls. It’s been ages since I’ve been on a pole because I had to take mine down at my apartment. (The surprise visits from my landlady were making life a little difficult.) It’s so good to be home. <3

I can still caterpillar-climb! :D!

Afterward, I took BART over to SF to visit my friends at their workplace. I was going to study at the Starbucks they had downstairs, but since the office was somewhat empty today, I just took up residence at a desk next to them and we worked on being productive. :O They’re a short walk away from the Palace of Fine Arts, so we took a walk there and back.

I got a guest badge and everything!

I am in love with their office. This is the snack stash, and the refrigerator’s loaded with Odwalla and greek yogurt. There’s a toaster oven and microwave all lined up next to it. *-*

This actually makes me want to take up running again. :o

Laptop notes.

Laptop replies.

All in all, today boiled down to the following:

  • 3 hours of pole
  • 15 minutes of speedwalking the streets of downtown SF
  • 20 minute stroll near the Palace of Fine Arts
  • 30 minute walk out to Baker Beach with my friend’s cat, Elios

The day is still young and we have a lot more to explore, so I’ll leave it at that. :D

Total: 295 minutes in 2 days!

The #20×31 fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! Just 20 minutes per day for the month of May! :]

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