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Ultimate Coffee Date – May

I noticed this linkup from Laura and found out more about it (hosted by other fellow GGS ambassadors–Nikki, Jill & Lynda); it seems like a really fun way to get to know other bloggers out there and for you to get to know a little more about me (if you so choose). :] I hope May has been treating everyone well and that you’ll join me for a cup of [virtual] coffee (or tea! I actually rarely drink coffee, which is apparently somewhat blasphemous for a medical student)! I’m a little late in the game in that it’s no longer morning, but better late than never!(?)

 photo coffeedate_zps1b941bec.jpg

If we were having coffee/tea this morning afternoon, I would tell you that I’ve been really happy lately because I got to spend yesterday with two of my closest friends on the planet and we’re getting together again later tonight to make a bunch of food for dinner. We only get to see each other a couple times a year, so I’m always grateful for the time that I get to spend with them. They are the reason why I believe that it’s the company you keep that’s the most important–it doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing. What matters to me is who I’m with, because we could be doing anything (or nothing) and would still find a way to have a blast. <3 Case in point, here’s us derping around in front of a whole lot of Star Wars paraphernalia.

Yoda Fountain! (They’ve apparently witnessed people dueling here at night with lightsabers.)

With Darth looming behind us.

We take our jobs seriously.

Why do you suddenly have a face!?

If we were having coffee/tea this morning afternoon, I would tell you that I took a cat on a [successful] walk for the first time yesterday, and it was awesome. I’ve tried taking my own cat out, but she is terrified of the world and would only army-crawl everywhere. I felt bad because she was having such a miserable time, so I brought her back home after only about 10 minutes outside. I also discovered yesterday that the fog in SF is so infamous, it has its own name (Karl) and following on instagram (karlthefog). The person behind karlthefog has a pretty hilarious sense of humor and I’ve been really enjoying reading the captions of “his” posts.

We took turns walking him around. :D He is adorable. Bus drivers would notice him and drive in super-stealth mode so as not to frighten him. It was really sweet.  :]


We took him (the cat, not the fog) to Baker Beach!

If we were having coffee/tea this morning afternoon, I would tell you that I recently found the best Thai restaurant ever (Amphawa Thai Noodle House) nestled on Geary St. in San Francisco. The four of us pigged out like no other last night (we hadn’t eaten pretty much all day), and I can safely say that everything we ordered (…7 different dishes) was super flavorful and delicious. I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite dish out of the seven because they were all so, so good. It’s basically become my favorite Thai restaurant of all time, and I hope we can go back again sometime. <3 I really want to learn to make all of this.

If we were having coffee/tea this morning afternoon, I would tell you that I am very much dreading the end of this month, and even more so, the end of next month. I’m signed up to take my boards soon and am fairly certain that no matter how much I study, I’m never going to feel ready. I’m trying to remain optimistic and to remind myself that I know more than I think I do, and that if I give it my all, that’s really all that I can do, so I should stop stressing and just do what I can…but seeing as how my entire future’s riding on it, I’m still really worried. I hope everything will turn out okay.
If we were having coffee/tea this morning afternoon, I would tell you that I really dislike long-distance running, but lately, I’ve seriously been considering incorporating it back into my life. Maybe “long-distance” is pushing it, but now that the weather is finally starting to get nice again (assuming that it decides to stick around), I think I may start doing interval training again outside. :] I’d get to enjoy a little sunlight and nature, which is always nice since I spend most of my time cooped up somewhere and studying. Maybe sometime this year, I’ll even sign up for a race or something! :O The first and only one I ever did was the Nike Women’s Marathon back in 2010, so…it’s really been a while.

If we were having coffee/tea this morning afternoon, I would tell you that I love and miss pole dancing, which used to be a huge part of my life back in 2011. (The past tense makes me really sad.) I actually stopped lifting weights for over half a year because of it (also partly because I no longer had a gym), since it was an absolutely amazing workout, and I wanted to save my strength for poling. Normally, you’d think that a dance studio filled with a whole ton of girls (and now some boys) would inevitably end up with drama, but everyone there is incredibly friendly, supportive and encouraging. I really think it has to do with the way Bel runs the studio, and the kind of example she sets for everyone that comes in. I miss being a fixture there (and all the people in it), and I’ve been at a standstill in terms of progression/improvement because I never get the chance to pole anymore (life, or more specifically, school) gets in the way of that. I’m a little sad that I have to keep this very separate from my school/professional life because although I’m in no way ashamed of it, I live in a fairly conservative area and don’t really want to deal with what could potentially happen if, say, my school (or some of the rather unsavory dudes there) were to find out about this.

I just came back from a workshop this morning and am all sorts of sore (but it’s a good kind of hurt, and one that I’m not liable to feel for another couple months [til I’m back here again], so bring it on! The post-workout chocolate berry protein smoothies make life better. :]

So there we have it! I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to come by and read my blog. :] Aside from my closest friends, I’ve never actually told anyone else I know about this “place,” which I consider to be my safe haven of sorts when I need a break from school. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend!