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Update: May Fitness Challenge (05/23-05/31)

About a year ago, these conversations happened. If you hone in on that very last conversation, we’ll have my current situation now (except that I did not in fact kick Scott out of his room :O ). I didn’t get Lewisburg as my rotation site, but I have in fact officially moved in (as of yesterday!). Linda got me a mango as a housewarming/”welcome home” gift. <3! Life has been pretty awesome in that respect! Not so much in the realm of school, but I’m working to remedy that, and would very much appreciate good thoughts/prayers/etc. for the next month or so. ._.

My brother sent me this to cheer me up. Ninja’s a little on the tubby side because my mom equates food to love, so we affectionately refer to as “the battle tank.” We’re fans of GoT, if you couldn’t tell.

May 23

  • 1 hour + 30 minutes on ellipticals (intervals) while studying (235 questions)

May 24

The test did not go well. At all. I was definitely not in the right state of mind to be studying afterward, so instead, I went back to my apartment to clean and pack everything up. (There is something to be said about productive depression. It did make me feel better to get stuff done despite how upset I was.)

  • 3 hours of cleaning + packing up everything in my apartment and loading it in/out of my car

Speaking of Cordelia (my car, she is so named because she’s an Accord), I’m really, really impressed by just how much she’s capable of holding. :O

May 25

I allowed myself a couple hours of self-loathing the evening before and decided to come back to tackle another chunk of my apartment (kitchen + study room).

  • 2.5 hours of cleaning/packing up my apartment

May 26

  • 1 hour of cleaning/packing
  • 4×10 push-ups

May 27

  • 46 minutes of ellipticals at 6% resistance (did about 80 questions)

Chilean sea bass tacos + grilled chicken over fried rice!

May 28

  • 5 hours of packing and cleaning :[

We lead rather busy lives, so sometimes communication happens through the post-it on the door. :O …Or just post-its throughout the house. Sometimes, we get to eat dinner together though! :D They are glorious.

May 29

  • 5×50 glute bridges
  • 3×10 pushups
  • 20 min. pilates

May 30
Not so sure I did much of anything today other than study. :x I’m sure I walked around a little.

May 31

  • 10 min. hula/Tahitian
  • 25 min. final packing/cleaning!

Total: 1230
(For the record, it feels really weird to count packing/cleaning as exercise/activity, but I guess it did require a lot of box-moving? :x ) I have bruised biceps because the boxes are too ginormous to balance normally.
Running Total: 3962 minutes!
(Start, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3)

The #20×31 fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. We made it! :D

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