Daily Archives: June 28, 2014

“after boards, i’ll…”

It seems so far away. So, so far away. Just one more week left and I will hopefully be done with this exam forever. I took a practice half-exam yesterday and it was a terrible, terrible time. (I am the poster child for all the terrible habits/things you should not have/do while test-taking.) But I made it out in one piece, and there are some definite signs of improvement. There’s hope for me after all!

I am officially the last one left in my basement catacombs/cave. :[ It’s sad and kinda lonely down here, but my friend left me with happy reminders/words of encouragement before she moved away, and the maintenance staff are super nice, so it’s better than nothin’!

She left this on “her” window (it faces my room) the night before my super-practice test. :]

It was hard to take a clear picture of this, but it says, “Farrah is gonna do AWESOME. Or the bunnies will get her.”

I’ve been listening to video game music (usually the Chrono Trigger station on Pandora, and most recently, the Mystic Quest OST!) to keep myself motivated. (Time to save the world! Only in this case, the world is really just my future.)

I can’t help thinking about all my after-boards fantasies and all the sunshine and rainbows to follow. What am I gonna do with my 5 glorious days of summer?

I want to do everything, but here’s a list that will most definitely stretch into the rest of the year:

  • Completely revamp my blog and switch to self-hosted! (That’s my first after-boards project! I have so many grand plans on it, but I need to get done with this darn exam first!)
  • Work out a ton (I’ve been a blob for most of this past month :[ )
  • Read A Dance of Dragons.
  • Pole classes! Yes, in the 4-5 days that I’ll have. I’m hoping to try out the Fly Gym class too. :D
  • Eat everything in CA. Sam and I are planning a day trip to Sac to visit friends and eat at an awesome restaurant!
  • Watch a billion movies.
  • Catch up on Supernatural (I may or may not be 2 seasons behind. ._.), Once Upon A Time…etc.