Fig & Honey Basil Grilled Cheese

A couple weeks ago, I came across this huge list of different types of grilled cheese sandwiches you could make  and was rather intrigued. This is weird on a whole host of levels because I’m really not a big fan of cheese. In moderation, sure, but only with the more mild sorts, and even then, I can only stomach small amounts. (Yeah, I’m probably somewhat lactose-intolerant. Who needs you anyway, lactase!? >:[ )

The recipe was adapted from here! As per usual, I adapted it to whatever we had in the kitchen.

Fig & Honey Basil Grilled Cheese


-1 tsp honey
-lemon zest
-1/2 oz goat cheese
-1 slice whole wheat bread
-2 dried figs, halved
-3 basil leaves, thinly sliced

1) Lightly toast the bread. Spread goat cheese on one side and honey on the other. Add lemon zest, figs and basil leaves.
2) Cut sandwich in half and stick it on the foreman grill for 2-3 minutes.
3) Serve!

This (and I think the next couple weeks’ worth) week’s Spill It, Sundays is on showcasing past blog posts/recipes! :] I’m a big fan of this idea because this blog was pretty much a private blog for so many years, there are tons of recipes that have gotten lost in the archives (until I [a] finish with boards and get on self-hosting this blog, and [b] figure out a good way to archive my recipes/have an awesome recipe index).

The Big Man's World
I decided to choose a breakfast “dish,” an appetizer, and a main dish to share with you all (just click the pictures!)! Hope you enjoy! :]

Triple Berry Banana Baked Oatmeal

Onigiri & Rice Balls

Spiced Kabocha Shepherd’s Pie


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  1. Confession: I have never eaten a fig. If I were to eat a fig this looks like the way I would do it though…YUM!

  2. i think i’ve only had figs one time. Need to change that. But seriously, goat cheese grilled cheese. DROOL.

  3. OMG this looks AMAZING! pinning to make next week!

  4. YUM! I love me some different grilled cheese and sounds so delicious with figs since cheese & figs pair so well on cheese boards.

    • I actually used to hate cheese for the past 1.5-ish decades! :o I’m not really sure what changed, but I’m super glad I decided to branch out again! :]

  5. I love figs, this grilled cheese is perfect for summer lunch!

  6. This looks so good! I would have never thought to add basil to figs and goat cheese… and lemon zest makes everything! Can’t wait to try this!

    • It was definitely a unique blend of flavors! :] I was surprised at how much of a difference the lemon zest made (I almost didn’t add that! :O ).

  7. Ohhhh wow. I love love love figs! I could easily go through a whole bag in a sitting if left to my own devices. I am going to have to try this asap. NOM.

    • I hope you like it! :D I can’t usually find fresh figs here, but the package of dried ones I have is in hiding for precisely this reason. Gotta ration it out! :O

  8. That grilled cheese…I can already envision the sweet and salty perfection! Thanks for linking up and for those incredible recipes- Off to add them to the group pin board! My best friend loves onigiri and she’s just returning from Japan so I’m going to make them for her!

    • Ah, that’s awesome! :D I hope you and your friend like it! I love your current theme! There are so many new recipes to pore over! :]

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