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Recipe Showcase (Spill It, Sundays)

I believe this is the last of the your-own-posts Spill It, Sundays, so I’m leaving you with these three! I’ve been blogging less recently because of orientation, moving, not having internet (etc.). I’ve actually run out of scheduled posts (noooo!) for the time being, so getting everything written months ahead again is going to be somewhat difficult, what with another exam coming up, more moving (I’m still only 1/3 of the way moved in), and [hopefully, assuming that all goes well…] rotations starting up. In short, life has been pretty hectic.

The internet was supposed to get set up yesterday, but the people never showed up despite 2 earlier confirmations that they would, and never picked up the phone during/after the window of time they said they’d arrive in, so we’ve blacklisted them for the time being. In the meantime, I’m borrowing my neighbor’s wireless because he’s a wonderful and super-nice soul. :D (For serious, he met up with me yesterday for 2.5 hours to give me advice on my upcoming year.) My friends here all seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth, so I’ve been feeling rather alone and would love to head back to WV, but can’t because of the whole internet situation (the company I called is supposed to come on Monday morning).

Since I neglected to bring any of my pots/pans/utensils with me and canceled all my credit cards (my wallet’s probably “lost” in one of those boxes), I’ve been living on fruit, smoothies, free lunches, and leftovers from said free lunches for the past week. :O I’ve also been partaking in the free fitness classes offered at my hospital’s gym, and the ones I’ve done so far (Zumba with weights + one that’s akin to Insanity but with fun music) have made me realize that I have pretty much lost any endurance that I may have at one point possessed. This is really saddening and needs to change. D:

Palmieres with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Avocado Pesto

薑汁撞奶 (Ginger Milk Custard)

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