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窩蛋牛肉飯 (Eggs & Beef Over Rice)

My parents were pretty worried that I was going to starve to death in grad school, or that I would die of malnutrition because I wouldn’t have time to make food for myself. Hence, they alerted me of the wonder that is known as rice cooker meals. (And what Asian household is complete without a ricecooker?) Although I guess, technically, it isn’t actually an all-Asian household, but we take our shoes off at the door, use the dishwasher for storage, own a ricecooker, and use the heater as sparingly as possible. It’s close enough for me.)

I will admit, though, this is pretty freaking awesome. I knew you could make congee with a ricecooker, but for some reason, I never stopped to think about the fact that you can use a ricecooker to make things other than, or more than…rice. Who woulda thought?

窩蛋牛肉飯 (Eggs & Beef Over Rice)

-½ lb ground beef
-2 tbsp soy sauce
-1 tbsp sugar
-1 tsp cornstarch
-1-2 tbsp cold water
-½-1 tbsp oil
-preserved vegetables (if none, add ½ an onion, minced, and/or sparing amounts of salt)
-1 egg

1) Start cooking rice. Combine beef, sugar, cornstarch, soy sauce, vegetables and oil. Compress into cake-like form.
2) Add beef mixture into rice cooker (make sure there’s still water in rice cooker to steam the beef). Break an egg over the top while the rice is still hot. Wait until rice is done cooking, then serve.

A variation of this can be done with chicken, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp cornstarch, 1 tbsp sugar, and green onions. Just marinate the chicken overnight, or at least for a couple hours.


韭菜蛋/韭菜豆腐 (Eggs or Tofu with Chives)

Before Keat left for Boston Texas, he gave me a gigantic bag of chives because his mom would be driving with him, and who wants to see food go to waste? Since I didn’t have time to make dumplings with them, this happened instead:


It only says egg in the title because that’s the traditional dish.

-eggs (or tofu)
-chicken essence
-oyster sauce

1) Cover bottom of pan with very thin layer of oil. Beat eggs and add chicken essence, to taste.
2) Pour egg mixture into pan. When bottom of egg mixture is fairly firm, gently lift edge to allow the remainder of the still-liquid egg mixture to go underneath.
3) Add chives. Cook. Add oyster sauce, to taste. Egg can be substituted with tofu if desired (or use em’ both!).

Tofu variation!

擔擔麵 (Dan Dan Mien)

I learned how to make this (among a couple billion other things) at a family friend’s house. She was giving me a crash course on cooking food before I ran off to college. Her food is amazinggggg. There are no measurements for ingredients though because everything’s to taste. You kinda just figure out what works best.

I think this recipe traditionally calls for pork, but since we both don’t consume pork, it was axed from the recipe. :O Feel free to add it if it floats your boat?

擔擔麵 (Dan Dan Mien)

-peanut butter (chunky)
-spicy Sichuan noodle sauce (found in Asian supermarkets, has a yellow top)
-soy sauce
-sesame oil
-white pepper
-dumpling sauce (found in Asian supermarkets, also has a yellow lid)
-cucumbers (cut up)/lettuce and/or carrots

1) Cook noodles. Cut cucumbers into small pieces.
2) Mix peanut butter, spicy noodle sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, and dumpling sauce together. Sprinkle on white pepper.
3) Mix noodles with sauce and cucumbers. Sauce will be really thick, so add water to thin it out. Can be served hot or cold.