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As the title implies…


I’ve been dubbed “uncultured” over here because there are so many movies I’ve never watched (not to mention, TV references that I never get because I didn’t watch TV for about 18-ish years of my life).

C: Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life.” Have you heard of it?
L: No.
(short silence)
F: Sure, don’t call Luke uncultured but call me uncultured for not knowing it. Haters.
C: Well, you really are. There are so many things you haven’t seen or heard of.
L: I mean, do you even know who Frank Sinatra is?
F: Of course I do! What do you think I am?!
L: Well, that’s questionable sometimes.
F: Scuse me!?

Haters, all of them.


25 things you didn’t know

I got this from Lori. :D It is highly likely that a bunch of people do already know these things about me because I have a tendency to talk a lot. About everything. But we’ll see where this goes.

1) When I feel myself starting to get sick, I usually try to “tough it out” by going for a run (or doing some sort of physical activity). This usually works to stop whatever illness it was in its tracks, but at times backfires if I work myself too hard. I also start feeding myself and everyone around me vitamin C tablets.

2) I love writing and I’ve been regularly keeping [paper] journals since March 22nd, 2000. I finish 2+ notebooks every year, and always finish the old one/start a new one on March 22nd.

3) My weakness when it comes to shopping = bookstores, video game stores, and craft stores. Clothes are nice and all, but I could spend forever in the aforementioned 3 types of stores, whereas I’d get impatient pretty quickly in a clothing store.

4) Half of me lives in the artsy world. I love music (especially piano/singing), taking pictures of pretty things (generally all nature shots where I cut out any signs of human civilization/life), and dance (Tahitian, hula, salsa, pole, silks, hoop…). In some parallel universe out there, I hope I’m a Cirque du Soleil performer.

5) The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach. I love food like no other, and am usually the resident food receptacle when I go out for food with friends.

6) My one and only act of teenage rebellion was getting my ears pierced when I finally turned 18. A close second was probably getting a job at the music library at age 19 and keeping it a secret for a year before I finally told my parents that I was working. It’s the only job I’ve ever worked where I wasn’t paid under the table.

7) I am a terrible liar and an even worse actress. This did not stop my dad from telling me that I should go for Miss Hong Kong so that I could win monies/TVB would sign a contract with me since my talents were clearly more in the arts/entertainment industry as opposed to science. But, getting back to the whole lying part: I like to be as honest with people as is reasonable.

8) I don’t think it’s possible to change another person, nor do I believe that anyone should ever try to change who s/he is as a person in order to get them to like you. That said, I don’t like people who are fake and I’m really not a fan of false advertisement.

9) When I really like a person or think someone is super cool (applies to friends and people I’m attracted to), I basically don’t notice their faults. I recognize them, but to me, they’re not a problem because the awesomeness of the person severely outweighs any of the faults they could have.

10) I usually won’t ask about something to do with your life (unless I know for sure that it’s okay) because I don’t like to pry. Likewise, I almost never volunteer very personal information about myself unless I’m asked about it.

11) I have a pretty large personal bubble, unless it’s with 6F & Co. In those cases, we could be lying on top of each other and I wouldn’t feel like my personal space was being invaded in any way. I know this to be true because it has happened on so many an occasion. <3

12) I wish I had the ability to teleport. And stop time. There will never be enough time in my lifetime for me to be able to accomplish all the things I want to do with my life.

13) I grew up with mostly guys, so I was a tomboy until I caught girl disease in college. I did, however, go through a horse phase as a kid, and I worked for a summer at an equestrian center when I was at Davis so that I could pay for riding lessons. I was thisclose to learning how to jump. Still pretty devastated about this, but I vow to learn someday. I really miss Sea Bass and Rahbana. :[

14) I’ve been documenting quotes and conversations from people in my life for over 10 years. They’re definitely a whole lot of fun to look back on.

15) I am pretty freaking talented at playing dumb when I want to avoid awkward situations.

16) When I was 17, I wrote an article for the school paper titled, “Behold! The End is Near!” about the impending apocalypse that would happen on 06/06/06 and dubbed one of my friends as the Antichrist because he could vibrate his eyeballs. I gained a stalker because of the article.

17) I’m clearly biased when I say this, but I have the best friends in the world. :] I hope we can live with or near each other [again] in the future.

18) I didn’t learn to cook until I was around 19-20. I also didn’t really start exercising until then, but holy crud, the combination of those two definitely changed my life for the better. :O

19) My natural state = in a tank top and shorts. Specifically, one of them $5 Old Navy “Perfect Rib Knit” tank tops.

20) I love being outside and obliterating vitamin D deficiency. Whitewater rafting, hiking, frolicking on the beach, camping, swimming in the ocean, kayaking, cave tubing, running through sprinklers, you name it. I’ll probably like it. <3 I love warm weather.

21) I always think there’s room for improvement, so if someone asks if I tried my hardest, I usually don’t think I did. I’ve been called pessimistic because of this, but…if you’re content with where you are, you’ll never strive to do even better.

22) I love my cat, Ninja. She rubs her face against the phone when she hears my voice and also likes climbing into my lap and putting her paws on me to hug me. It’s pretty adorable. <3

23) I get really, really cranky when I’m hungry, so I usually have food on me so I can avoid snapping at undeserving people.

24) I remember really useless things. For instance, in freshmen year of college, my friend called me to ask what his license plate number was.
F: Seriously? You’re calling me to ask when your mom is at home and your car’s parked in the driveway?
C: I figured you’d know.
He was right.

25) I hate talking on the phone. I get distracted really easily and was turned off from phone conversations back in junior high. Since then, I’ve kinda just been a hater. I’d much prefer hanging out in person, and if that isn’t possible, I’d rather have emails/texts. Exceptions really only apply if I miss the person’s voice.

miniature guide horses

Classes officially started again two days ago. (For everyone taking Neuroscience, it started on the 6th.) After our biochem lecture where we found out each other’s majors in undergrad (this isn’t really something any of us really discussed very much, but apparently, something like half the class majored in Cell Biology & Neuroscience), a couple of us went out for lunch. By this, I mean that I held down a table while everyone bought food because I brought lunch from home (hooray for saving monies!).

We eventually ended up at my house, where we played 3 games of Settlers of Catan (I think I have a new favorite board game :D ). I slaughtered everyone in the first game, and Luke killed us off in the second two, partly through ruining my life and starting a brick monopoly.

I am somewhat of a master of tangents when it comes to conversations, so when Chris started rubbing his eyes and saying he was going temporarily blind, I brought up the subject of guide horses and was met with blank stares.

“Do they actually exist?”

Why yes, yes they do. :O

Shortly after I graduated from Davis but remained on the community service listserv, there was an option to help a center that trained them in Woodland, and you better believe I was all sorts of interested, but since I’d already moved back home, driving there several times a week to volunteer when I had no income to speak of wasn’t financially viable. I was pretty disheartened, to say the least.

Anyway, I pulled up that site for them and we started reading up on just how awesome guide horses are. They live, on average, for 30-40 years, only shed twice a year, don’t get fleas, can see clearly in almost complete darkness, can move their eyes independently and thus have a vision range of almost 350 degrees and have amazing memory. <3 They’re not there to “compete” with seeing eye dogs (that argument has been raised), but it does allow for another mobility option for someone who is blind (e.g. someone who’s afraid of or allergic to dogs, wants a guide animal with a longer lifespan, or one that can live outside).

It was probably around this point in time that Chris fell asleep on one of the couches, so Luke and I spent the next couple hours wading through bunches of websites on where we could adopt a guide horse, because there are a lot of miniature horses out there who have been neglected, abused or are sold to auctions for their meat. ;_;

This kinda led to our somewhat outlandish plan on how we’re going to start a farm and buy/adopt a herd of miniature horses and while we’re at it, we might as well get some hens, and perhaps a cow and some sheep, and he might as well learn to hunt, and I might as well start growing vegetables/herbs/fruit… (This is the conversation Chris woke up to 3 hours later.)

Outlandish (but awesome) ideas aside though, I really do want to adopt a miniature horse somewhere in the distant future, when I have the financial means to care for one (and a place of my own).


Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue <3

time zones

Damn straight, this is me.

I saved $8 on printing photos to send to a friend. :D

Tips on frugal living, being cheap, and living cheaply. :]

(iamhellacheap = made by a guy who went to my high school)

“it just melts into the cracks!”

“I was a chemical engineering major and I studied this in pchem! Ice cream has a low packing density would increase the packing density by filling up the spaces, so if you have a stomach full of sushi, you can still fill it with another stomach of ice cream.”