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anatomy hug

I like our anatomy lab group a lot. Although we give each other crap all the time (me for being the Asian/”black Canadian,” Tim for being a Mormon, Seth for being a butcher, Ashley and Derrick for being in-staters, it’s all in good fun and we tend to have a lot of good times in lab while still being one of the fastest/most productive groups. At our first lab, we made it a pact to “leave no one behind” and we intend not to break it, so since Ashley’s a second-year repeat and I had a completely amazing anatomy professor in undergrad, we quiz each other all the time throughout lab while cracking “that’s what she said” jokes because we’re super immature.

Seth used to be a taxidermist, so he’s actually really awesome with dissecting everything out. Our very beautiful suboccipital triangle and most of our brachial plexus is credited to him. However, he also possesses some butchering tendencies, as evidenced by his severing of the greater saphenous vein that I spent hella days cleaning and clearing, and the tendon of our semitendinosus, which is now just a muscle with no tendon. :[ (This is why we generally keep him away from the more delicate structures, aka the hands and feet.)

In any case, he promised me a buffalo if I go into lab with him next week to quiz/teach him, which I think is a pretty sweet deal since I’ve never tried it before, and honestly, the quizzing will help me review. I like to give him shit especially because of his response a couple weeks ago when Derrick asked if he wanted to go help out one of the other very-lost lab groups (“I’m married. I have no reason to be nice to girls anymore.”). At least he’s honest.

Here’s an excerpt from today:
S: Hey Farrah! (arms outstretched)
F: No! No anatomy hug! I just re-found this scrub top!
S: Come over here!
F: Get away from me. :[
S: Anatomy hug!!!

For the record, anatomy hugs are when you’ve been slimed by your cadaver (we named ours Thelma) and are covered in body parts and fat juices and you hug someone else to spread the love. :'( I guess I’ll be operating my washing machine (har har, at long last) this weekend. Hater.

In all honesty though, I’d so love to teach this as a GTA. (I love this subject. ;_; ) I’m contemplating working in the lab over the summer to help embalm work with the cadavers, but I’m pretty sure my parents will not be too pleased to find out about this, since they’d like me to come home. (It is essentially my last summer vacation ever, and I want to spend it with dead bodies? Clearly, I have problems.) While I definitely would like to see my family/friends again this summer, I can’t deny that this would be an awesome opportunity. ;_; Maybe I can do a half-half sort of deal? I think it’d be fun. :]

Earning monies, possibly getting a better shot at becoming an anatomy GTA, exploring WV while also squeezing in time to hang out with family/friends back home sounds like a good deal, yes yes?



I think it’s mildly amusing how we’ve all gained a billion different nicknames in our program.
Aaron = Boris because his middle name starts with a “B” (which actually stands for Benjamin, but apparently this does not matter) and he’s Russian.
Sneha = “Snebs” because one of our professors accidentally called her “Sneba” on the second week of class.
Chris = Nani because it’s…his last name, and the name Chris is fairly common.
Peter = Tums because we’re too lazy to call him by his entire last name, and we also have another Peter in the class.
I’m “Ferrari” (courtesy of the other Peter) or “Farrahfication” (whenever we talk about anything anatomy-related).

In our group texts, they can tell it’s me because of the faces I make (namely “:O”). I’m also either everyone’s wing girl or big pimpin’, depending on how you look at it. (All the people I hang out with in the program = dudes. This is probably because we all share a major common love for food.)

Speaking of anatomy, our lab group is also associated with various actions.
“Pulling a Mike” = leaning into the cadaver to dissect and getting your entire lab coat soaked in the juices.
“Pulling a Charles” = manhandling cadavers. :[
“Pulling a Trisha” = asking who someone is (e.g. in her case, asking who Charles was on week 8).
“Pulling an Anna” = disappearing to other groups/being our reader and not dissecting.
“Pulling a Farrah” = “knowing everything they ask questions about because I’ve taken this before.” (Technically isn’t true because I’ve forgotten a lot.)

We were speculating reasons as to why our professor always seems to avoid our table these days (so much so that we’ve taken to getting Charles to station himself wherever he is so he can corral him over to us). We eventually decided that it was because we looked like we knew what we were doing/were self-sufficient. (It was either that, the fact that we annoyed him, or that Trisha may have given him the crazy eyes when he happened to glance over.)

When we successfully managed to get him to come to our table today, here’s the following conversation that ensued:
Dr. M: So you guys needed help?
C: No, we’re good.
F/M/A/T: O_O Good?! No! We are not!
(small pause as Dr. M takes out the awesome small scissors and makes everything look a billion times easier than it seems to be when we’re doing it alone)
T: Thank you so much for coming to our table. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!
Dr. M: (looks at our deranged/dejected faces) I’m sorry if you feel like I’ve been avoiding your table. I haven’t been trying to; it’s just that your group is always so self-sufficient. You already know what to do.
F: Hooray! That’s what we were hoping was the reason!

Good to know he doesn’t think we’re too dumb to interact with! :O


( Stated by yours truly. Sometimes, I just really shouldn’t talk.)

“Yeah! We should all just look at each other’s bodies!”

(crickets chirp)

I meant that we should all study each other’s cadavers in lab. :[


Outside of the exercise biology/music courses I took, anatomy is my favorite class. There are a number of reasons as to why I chose this program, but I was especially excited that we’d actually get to dissect our own cadavers (in teams of 5, but still). I didn’t think I’d get to do this until medical school! When I bring this up though, people tend to give me weird stares. I assure you, it’s not because I dream of cutting people open (I’m fairly certain that I have no interest in surgery), but I really like all the knowledge that I’ll be able to learn from it.

In the interest of remaining respectful towards the cadavers (and the fact that it’s completely illegal), I won’t be posting pictures of any dissections. There are apparently 6000 cadavers in the body donor system for the state of New Jersey. Our class is using 8 of them. Since I’ve taken anatomy before, I’m fairly used to working with prosections and cadavers. I’ve gotten so used to the smell of formaldehyde/formalin (or in this case, phenol) that I honestly don’t notice it anymore. The lab was the first place I made a beeline for when I got my ID. I can apparently swipe myself in there at any hour of the day. :O

We dissected the back last week and I worked with one of my lab partners this week to dissect out the left brachial plexus. It makes me happy when I can inwardly answer every question that our professor throws toward us. I wish he were still doing the brachial plexus drawing challenge. (I find it surprising that I would be the first one to ever get it all right.) I’d totally take him up on it to earn 10 bucks.  ;_; That’s several meals right there.

In case there was ever a time where you happened to doubt my identity, I now have four ID’s on top of my CA ID and driver’s license to prove you wrong. :O