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Follies 2014

I am officially done with all performance-related events for the year and can retire to my study hibernation! :O We managed to raise $3k for the club and for the Family Refuge Center! :] The Follies Bake Sale went really well too (the red velvet s’mores bars I made got cleaned out! :O )

The Vagal Tones! :D (I’m the space in between, hence the lack of letter [just in case you were wondering.])

Dress rehearsal was goin’ well.

My attempt at being artsy during dress rehearsal. :O

The Vagal Tones has opened for U2 (yes, you two sitting up there in the front) and graciously decided to halt their world tour in order to come perform in the coolest small town in the United States. Don’t feel too bad though, because their next intended destination, North Korea, banned them from appearing anyway for being too cool. The Vagal Tones are living out their rock star fantasies with this med school band. When they’re not saving babies and curing cancer, they like to wind down with a little music.

Bollywood Fusion!

When Farrah isn’t studying in a basement cell, being roped into every club activity or event known to mankind, cooking and/or eating every edible substance on sight, or volunteering at animal shelters, she likes to remind herself that once upon a time, she was somehow a music performance major. She will be playing (aka attempting not to butcher) Franz Liszt’s third concert etude, “Un Sospiro.”

An ‘aparima literally means “the kiss of hands,” and is a type of dance from the Tahitian and Cook islands that tells a story set to music and mimed by hand gestures. Ti Ti Raina will be performed tonight by the “Hulagans.”

Last year’s Follies!


follies 2013

Performing at Carnegie Hall? Check! <3

I had a wildly hectic (but fun, and full of successes!!!) weekend. I’ll get to the other half of my Saturday some other time, because that kinda deserves its own post, but here are a couple pictures from Follies (the OMT club’s fundraiser for the Family Refuge Center) this year! I’m throwing in the introductions I wrote for the acts I was in, just because (with omitted last names though, just for privacy-ish’s sake). All the pictures are of me until I find and obtain a good one of all of us. :O Sorry.

My hair has probably never had this much volume (the result of being in double-French braids for almost 24 hours with a whole lot of hairspray, a curling iron [courtesy of Monika], and even more hairspray).

“Farrah studied music performance in piano at UC Davis as her de-stress major for when she needed to take a break from all the science. Performing in Carnegie Hall happens to be on her bucket list, so she’s pretty thrilled about being able to cross it off this semester. She will be playing Frederic Chopin’s Nocturne in D-flat Major, op. 27, no. 2.”

<3 Steinways.

Contrary to previous popular belief, this will not in fact be a performance involving hula hoops. Intent on dragging along her various hobbies to medical school, Farrah recruited Hira, Monika and Elise to dance this ‘auana (modern style hula) with her to the song, “Love and Honesty,” by Hawaiian Style Band. It was first performed at the PAX International Festival and was choreographed by Farrah and Liz.

It’s a pretty rare occasion to see me actually smiling while dancing. My concentration face tends to make me look really angry. :x


I ran off to Carnegie Hall yesterday evening to audition for the Greenbrier Valley Chorale since the meeting I was in ended half an hour early. I had an awesome time trying to figure out where to go, but managed to find the entrance after a nice older gentleman opened the door for me (I thought the doors were locked and I was too late and they’d all left :'( ). Technically, I could’ve gone on Saturday morning, but I was kinda scared that I’d miss it  since I’m hella not a morning person. (it’s only an hour before church, so I have every reason to be up already, but work with me here. I was kinda paranoid. :[ )

I haven’t really done any regular singing since maybe…college, unless you count singing in the shower and in my car, in which case I belt it out like nobody’s business. (Just kidding. I am incapable of actually belting it out.) During my last year of high school, I discovered that I needed a fine arts to graduate, so I auditioned for Mrs. Glover and she threw me into Treble Ensemble, which was easily one of my favorite classes that year (that and Journalism 2 <3 Smokie love!). For two years at Davis, I functioned as the secretary and pitch pipe for Dames & Fellas A Capella, a group we formed that was the only no-audition a capella group on campus. It was super fun, but we disbanded during senior year due to billions of classes/responsibilities/other goodness (basically, life got in the way :[ ).

Suffice to say, there’s been somewhat of a hole in my life ever since, although I still had music (fortunately). I really like singing though, even though I don’t think I’m that amazing at it. (I lack the ability to project, is the thing. :[ Which is especially hard when your mom can project so well, you can hear her singing when you’re not even to your across-the-street-2x neighbor’s house yet. :[ But I did take a couple group voice lessons and slowly but surely started to learn this elusive art of using your diaphragm and being heard. (Part of it was probably also that I was just self-conscious about my singing.)

She said I had a very pretty voice, a very good ear (which I better have ._.), and good musicality (which I also should have, considering that I majored in music :X ). There is an inherent breathiness to my voice that she wants to work to eliminate, and I basically sound like a little girl when I sing, which she said could probably be attributed to the fact that I sang in an all-girl group and haven’t really done regular singing/training, so my singing voice just goes back to the way it was back then. However, she seemed to like me a lot and said multiple times that she was really glad I came to audition (I think my S2 status, ability to pick out harmonies, and my major in music performance helped). lawl. :X All in all, my audition went really well! :] I am in! :D!

And seriously, how many people get to say that they get to perform in Carnegie Hall (this December!!!)? Tis a musician’s dream!  ;) ;) ;) Brag rights and one more thing to cross off my bucket list! I’m super excited! <3 <3 <3

Completely unrelated, but someone apparently nominated me to be treasurer. It went something like this:
Kosina: Hey Farrah, you’re running for treasurer?
F: What? I am? Since when?
K: Your name’s up on the board.
Rachel: Yeah, I saw your name there and was like, “Farrah’s running? I’ll vote for you.”

Why would anyone nominate me? I can’t math, you guys. :O But thank you?