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International Festival 2014

We managed to raise even more than last year’s international festival! $5000 from the auctions alone! Auctioning off one of our male professors for board review sessions sparked an all-out war between two groups of girls (he has many female admirers). He went for $800. Twas an awesome idea and I’m super happy for the club. :D

We also auctioned off a dinner with one of our really attractive female professors, but since guys are hella cheap, that went for $150. $5k pays for 1/2 the amount of medications and supplies that we’d like to bring with us on the trip, so if anyone has anything they can spare…

Please donate here!

(Every bit helps!)

For the occasion, I made three different dishes to represent 3 different countries (from right to  left).

They were all rather well-received and I ran out of food pretty quickly, although not quickly enough to be able to sample all the food from everyone else (sigh!).

Our Hula/Tahitian performance was right after the dinner/auction, so I just changed in advance.

As the Mr. WVSOM coaches, we grabbed an auction number so we could rack up the price on the carwash/BBQ package they were being auctioned off for. They went for $150.

Our fashion show cast. :o

Our Hula/Tahitian group! :]

(The tutorial for the belts can be found here!)

Bollywood Fusion group!

I’m waiting on the pictures taken by the photographer so I can add to my stash of “pictures where I’m not eating.” (That’s mainly all she has of me.)


PAX Medical Trip to Dominican Republic

For the record, I absolutely hate soliciting people for money. Things are difficult enough as it is, and I know money’s tight, but since we are rather short on our goal, I thought I’d put this out there…

If you have anything at all to spare, please consider donating to PAX! Every dollar helps!
If you do so happen to donate, please write that it’s to benefit Farrah. (We’re each supposed to raise at least $100, but I’m definitely trying for more.) The money donated doesn’t actually go to me since I’m paying my own way there, but we’re using the money we raise to buy medications + supplies for the people we’ll be treating there.

This was us at last year’s international festival!

Our biggest fundraiser (aka International Festival) has yet to happen, and I’m planning on hustling a billion different businesses tomorrow, but it’s kinda difficult since it’s such a small town and every time the school has an event, we’re dispersed throughout the community to solicit for donations. I feel terrible about it. Publicizing events isn’t as much of a problem (to me) because at least they get something in return, but straight-up donations? sigh. :[ I fully intend on trying to convince everyone at my church/chorale/places I volunteer for to come to the International Festival (at least with that, I can promise them awesome food and performances?).

I’m pretty excited for this year because we’re making our own costumes! I taught a Tahitian/hula medley of sorts this year, so we’re going with a sort of hybrid Tahitian/hula costume. I ordered all the material yesterday night and am crossing all my limbs in hopes that it’ll come in this weekend, so I can get to work on em’! (In all the spare time that I have. hah, hah, hah.)

Please Save A Cat

<3! I’m in love!

It’s probably no small secret that my parents think I’m going to be a spinster cat lady. Let’s be real here–med school doesn’t exactly give you much of an opportunity to spend time doing much of anything other than study (despite what my blog may sometimes depict, haha). They’re definitely more worried about this than I am, because I am firmly within the belief that if I don’t find anyone I deem awesome enough who reciprocates the feeling and thinks I’m the bee’s knees, I’d much rather not marry at all.

This is basically my random way of segueing into how I ended up spending a good portion of my day at a no-kill cat shelter yesterday. I’m not sure if I’m mentioned yet that I go with my friends almost weekly to the no-kill dog shelter/rescue to run around with the dogs and to feed and groom them. The lady there told us about a woman who’s taking care of 3 cat colonies (totaling up to over 80 cats :O ), so I finallyfinally (darn you, school) called her up the other day and went to visit yesterday. Originally, I think I was just going to check out the place and they were going to show me around, since I wanted to see if I could make it into an ongoing volunteer opportunity for the family medicine club, but once I got there, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave.

Have you ever spent an afternoon with a Russian Blue perched on your shoulder? :D Or cradling a cat in one arm while grooming another one? :D Theyweresososocute. The ladies who work there/run the place were really sweet too. I really enjoyed talking to them (which was the other half of the reason as to why I couldn’t bring myself to leave so soon). We talked about basically everything under the sun; she offered to marry her son off to me so that I could get in-state tuition, hahaha. (“He’s an airshow pilot, so he’d hardly ever be around, so you could keep studying and he could keep doing his thing. It’d be perfect!”)

Basically, 1-2 hours turned into 5 hours without me realizing it. Time passed pretty darn quickly. She helped de-fur me and invited me to dinner, but since I’d already made dinner plans, she said we could rain check. (I’m going back next week. <3 I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday. *-*)

Please Save A Cat takes in cats and kittens who have run out of time ( ;_; ) at public animal shelters, as well as homeless or abused cats/kittens + those that belong to deployed veterans. If you’re in the WV area and are looking to adopt a cat, please think of coming to them! They are honestly some of the sweetest cats I’ve ever gotten to hang out with. :]

Soupervan Relief!

Words cannot describe how awesome Soupervan is (it is easily one of the things I miss most from New Jersey). If I could recreate the food they make so that I could enjoy it here, I totally would, because it’s been months since I’ve had anything from them, but alas! :'(! I’ve been toying with the idea of making a “favorites” page for all my favorite places around the country/globe, and this would definitely be on my list. <3

Of the causes I support, theirs is definitely one of my top ones, just because they’re honestly such wonderful people and because I love their philosophy. Since they’ve opened, they’ve donated more than 7400 meals filled with healthy goodness to the local soup kitchen (Elijah’s Promise).

Recently, with all that’s happened because of Hurricane Sandy, they’ve extended their efforts past donating a meal for every meal that someone purchases, and have actually been traveling to the places in NJ that were hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy to provide free meals to the emergency responders and victims there. However, food and gas (especially gas) is insanely costly, and the expenses add up, so any help that you could give them would definitely be awesome!

Read more about their efforts and what they’ve done thus far in the link below!

Soupervan Hurricane Sandy Outreach
(I stole this picture from their facebook page. :x )

I know times are hard right now, but if you could spare anything at all, it would be greatly appreciated!

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bone marrow registry

We’re sorry — You do not meet the health guidelines

Thank you. We appreciate your desire to help patients by becoming a marrow donor. However at this time, you do not meet the health guidelines for joining the registry:

  • Having significant neck, back, hip or spine problems may place you at an increased risk for health problems if you were to donate.


More reasons why my spine needs to get completely fixed as soon as possible.

Chronic pain apparently counts as severe. (But what if it’s going away? ;_; I can sit for long periods of time without being in pain now? I can even bend down and touch my toes or pick things that I’ve dropped on the ground up without it hurting???)

I’ll find out the status of my lovely spine by the end of this month, so I will be trying again then. In the meantime, it would mean the world to me (and a whole lot of other people) if you would consider joining the national bone marrow registry. Asian-Americans are particularly under-represented in the registry (along with a number of other demographics), and have an even more difficult time finding a match.

There’s been a long-held belief that donating bone marrow is an extremely painful process, but for the most part, they request for peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation, which doesn’t involve surgery. Side effects might include headaches, joint or muscle aches, or fatigue, but you tend to be back to your normal routine within 1-2 days. You’re under anesthesia if you donate marrow, and you can expect to feel soreness in your lower back for 1-2 weeks, but you’re typically back to your normal routine within 2-7 days (and you’ve helped to save someone’s life.

Please think about joining, or at least learn more about it!