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Update: May Fitness Challenge (05/23-05/31)

About a year ago, these conversations happened. If you hone in on that very last conversation, we’ll have my current situation now (except that I did not in fact kick Scott out of his room :O ). I didn’t get Lewisburg as my rotation site, but I have in fact officially moved in (as of yesterday!). Linda got me a mango as a housewarming/”welcome home” gift. <3! Life has been pretty awesome in that respect! Not so much in the realm of school, but I’m working to remedy that, and would very much appreciate good thoughts/prayers/etc. for the next month or so. ._.

My brother sent me this to cheer me up. Ninja’s a little on the tubby side because my mom equates food to love, so we affectionately refer to as “the battle tank.” We’re fans of GoT, if you couldn’t tell.

May 23

  • 1 hour + 30 minutes on ellipticals (intervals) while studying (235 questions)

May 24

The test did not go well. At all. I was definitely not in the right state of mind to be studying afterward, so instead, I went back to my apartment to clean and pack everything up. (There is something to be said about productive depression. It did make me feel better to get stuff done despite how upset I was.)

  • 3 hours of cleaning + packing up everything in my apartment and loading it in/out of my car

Speaking of Cordelia (my car, she is so named because she’s an Accord), I’m really, really impressed by just how much she’s capable of holding. :O

May 25

I allowed myself a couple hours of self-loathing the evening before and decided to come back to tackle another chunk of my apartment (kitchen + study room).

  • 2.5 hours of cleaning/packing up my apartment

May 26

  • 1 hour of cleaning/packing
  • 4×10 push-ups

May 27

  • 46 minutes of ellipticals at 6% resistance (did about 80 questions)

Chilean sea bass tacos + grilled chicken over fried rice!

May 28

  • 5 hours of packing and cleaning :[

We lead rather busy lives, so sometimes communication happens through the post-it on the door. :O …Or just post-its throughout the house. Sometimes, we get to eat dinner together though! :D They are glorious.

May 29

  • 5×50 glute bridges
  • 3×10 pushups
  • 20 min. pilates

May 30
Not so sure I did much of anything today other than study. :x I’m sure I walked around a little.

May 31

  • 10 min. hula/Tahitian
  • 25 min. final packing/cleaning!

Total: 1230
(For the record, it feels really weird to count packing/cleaning as exercise/activity, but I guess it did require a lot of box-moving? :x ) I have bruised biceps because the boxes are too ginormous to balance normally.
Running Total: 3962 minutes!
(Start, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3)

The #20×31 fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. We made it! :D

JVKom Chronicles

Update: May Fitness Challenge (05/16-05/22)

I am officially done (again) with my med school courses! The “again” is due to the fact that ACLS apparently did count toward our grade, so we’ve had that all week. It was somewhat frustrating in the sense that I have my giant test to take tomorrow, and ACLS effectively sapped all my boards study time away this week. On the plus side, it wasn’t all for naught! I did my megacode yesterday and after I finished and signed off on what I’d done, they had me sit elsewhere while they deliberated on whether or not I passed/failed.

When they brought me back over, here’s the conversation that followed:
L: How do you think you did?
F: I think(?) I did okay and I hope I passed. I don’t think I left out anything glaring…
S: Do you think you left anything out?
F: I feel like there was one point where I should have addressed the patient’s oxygen levels first but I was tending to something else.
S: But you corrected it, didn’t you?
F: Yes indeed.
H: Who was your instructor this week? Dr. Cookie?
F: Yep, but I’d go to Dr. M’s reviews at night since I heard that all the instructors emphasized different things. (This was an understatement. I went to him specifically because he held us to a higher standard and included a great amount of detail. I figured it’d be safer to err on the side of way-too-much-information.)
S: We wanted to know who taught you because we think you did very well. In fact, we recommended you for IP (instructor potential).
F: …:O! Really!?
L: You interacted with the patient, made sure they were comfortable, explained and clarified all the procedures in great detail and went through your reasoning behind everything that you did. We were very, very impressed.

I aced today’s exam too (not bad for never having owned the book, right? :D ), so it looks like I won’t have to retake it! :P I sincerely hope this trend continues!

My mom sent me a giant container of mixed nuts (brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc.), another ginormous Costco bag of walnuts (she said they’d be good for my brain), a bottle of pineapple aloe juice, 2 cans of lychee (I requested em’), a bag of dried longan, allergy meds, a giant bag of Krave Lemon Garlic turkey jerky(!), a mystery package that I can’t read the calligraphy for (I’ll figure it out eventually) and 4 bags of dried mangoes.

I’ve concluded that my mom would be amazing at Tetris (maybe that’s where my Tetris-ing skills came from). I guess she figured that if she was going to pack up a box, she might as well fill every last bit of space up. :P

I also got a package from Becca a couple days later and it completely made my day. :D! I think both of them realize how much I miss having an accessible (aka not a 2-hour drive away to get to the closest one) Asian market, so said packages reflected that. :P They definitely provided me with the pick-me-up I needed. <3! But of course, before I could check it out, it had to pass inspection first.

“There’s nothing for me in here? I guess you can have it then.” :[

Becca sent me 2 boxes of curry, furikake seasoning, ingredients (minus the eggs, obviously :x ) to make tea leaf eggs, a reminder of home + a super cute card. <3

May 16

  • 1 hour + 1 min. on ellipticals @ 7% resistance while studying (214 questions completed)

May 17

May 18

  • 25 min. Tahitian practice
  • 5×2-min. Supermans

May 19

  • 1×200 bridges @ 24 lb
  • 3×25 BW squats
  • 1 hour + 5 min. ellipticals @ 6% resistance while studying (250 questions completed!)

For the record (you may have already noticed this), I’m not much for taking gym selfies or anything of the sort, but I recently remembered that I could take screenshots on my phone, so I’ve just been including my fitocracy points in pictures, haha. :D

We started off the week with another lovely stab to check for TB (yet again). I’m proud to say that Mike is still alive, and so am I.

May 20

  • School is killin’ me. :[ The entirety of me walking to and from different buildings + all over the farm probably added up to 20 minutes.

She makes my studying more bearable. :]

May 21

  • 1 hour + 7 min. on ellipticals (intervals) while studying (250 questions completed)

I’ve taken to buying a tub of mixed greens for $1.59 (manager’s specials! <3) and loading it with stuff so that I at least won’t be eating like crap during exam week. :O

May 22

  • 2 hours on ellipticals (intervals and then even harder intervals) while studying (342 practice questions completed ._. only 98 left until I’m caught up, but I think I have another 250 tomorrow…)

Total: 342 minutes
Running Total: 1537 minutes!
(Start, Week 1, Week 2)

The #20×31 fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! (We still have a whole ‘nother week!) Just 20 minutes per day for the month of May! :]

JVKom Chronicles

Update: May Fitness Challenge (05/09-05/15)

May 9

  • 20 minutes of power-walking through a bunch of airports (my trajectory was SF => Pittsburg => DC => Lewisburg)
  • Running around with the cats on the farm + vacuuming (~10 minutes?)

May 10

  • 4×100 bridges
  • 5×2-min. Supermans
  • 5 minutes Tahitian practice

May 11

  • 30 minutes cleaning apartment/running errands

May 12

  • 1.5 hours (aka the time it took me to finish 300 practice questions) powerwalking on a treadmill at 7% incline

It’s finally beautiful outside, but I can’t run out there because (a) allergies and (b) I can’t concurrently study. :[ sigh!

May 13

  • 3×15 @ 95 barbell squats
  • 3×10 @ 150 leg press
  • 3×12 w/ 20’s dumbbell lunges
  • 3×10 @ 80 leg extensions
  • 3×20 BW squats
  • 3×10 hip ups
  • 3×20 quadruped hip extensions
  • 3×20 quadruped donkey kicks
  • 3×10 V-ups
  • 3×25 bicycles
  • 3×1-min planks
  • 3×20 @ 20 Russian twists
  • (The above took about an hour.)
  • 15 min. powerwalking on treadmill at 5% incline
  • 10 min. walk outside (running errands at different buildings on campus/outside my apartment)

This was on the way to my mailbox. :O

May 14

  • 25 min. powerwalking on treadmill @ 6% incline
  • 25 min. stationary cycling @ 6% resistance
  • 20 min. ellipticals @5% resistance
  • 20 min. running errands/walking around outside

So…I have excitingly abrupt news. I’m moving out of my apartment in about 2 weeks. It was an impromptu decision that was basically made…today. There’s nothing at all wrong with my apartment; I have the best neighbors I could ever ask for (two of which will be my neighbors next year too, if all goes well! <3), but the prospect of living with my best friend here and not having to pay rent was too good to pass up. I’m moving to the farm*! <3

*When I told my friend, “I’m moving to the shelter!,” he was momentarily concerned because it sounded like I was either (a) homeless or (b) an abuse victim, so he suggested that I amend the statement to ‘farm.’ Both are equally accurate, so I’m goin’ with it.

Waiting for Mom to come home! (She’s adopted me as the daughter she never had. <3)

I’m having major issues with the internet at the gym. It’s wreaking havoc on my concurrent productivity. :[

May 15

  • 15 minutes walking
  • 20 minutes Tahitian practice (while study-questioning)

Since I forgot to take a picture for the day, here’s my adorable roommate! I may be kidnapping her to Kentucky next year as my foster kitty. <3

Total: 375 minutes
Running Total: 1195 minutes!
(See past progress here (start) + here (week 1)!

The #20×31 fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! Just 20 minutes per day for the month of May! :]

JVKom Chronicles

Update: May Fitness Challenge (05/03-05/08)

Pole has definitely been taking its toll basically everywhere, but mostly my legs (they feel shredded, and by that, I mean from murdered nerve endings, a whole lot of bruises and raw skin). Tis the price you pay for greatness! The bruising and battering is because I basically did what could be considered “weekend warrior” pole (but for 5 of the 7 full days that I was back, instead of just a weekend). I haven’t been on one since December, so mayhaps I should’ve taken that into consideration, but who knows when I’ll get to go back to the studio again? :'( I have a friend who’s currently studying for a certification as a nutritional coach and since she was looking for free practice clients, I signed myself up! I figure I have a whole lot to improve upon (I’m fairly certain that my main issue is portion control), and it’d also be great to learn more so that I can counsel my future patients on healthier dietary choices. There were several forms to fill out, a couple of which entailed keeping a food journal, which I have absolutely no problem with since I’ve been myfitnesspal-ing it since, apparently, September (not gonna lie, that ring girl competition was good motivation to keep my binge-eating tendencies in check). However, since I’ve been home for the past week, I’m not gonna lie–I’ve very much been free-for-all-ing all over the place, so she said to just start the journal when I head back to school. :P

For instance, this was plate 1 of 4.5 at the buffet we went to. >_>

May 3

  • 1×100 bridges
  • 1×25 squat jumps
  • 1.5 hours of pole

May 4

  • 2 hours of pole

May 5

  • I was feeling somewhat broken. :'( Did about half an hour of yoga.

May 6

  • 2 hours of pole

May 7

  • 1.5 hours of pole
  • ~5 minutes of sprints

Wednesday morning crew! It was so great to see everyone again and to finally meet AJ!

We went to Meadowlark Dairy for dessert after lunch!

Everyone else ordered a small, while my order went something like this: “Um, I’m gonna be a total pig and get a large. Could you please stack the strawberry, pineapple and orange flavors into a cone? :D” ($2.50 for homemade ice cream bigger than my face!)

May 8

  • 1 hour walk around the lake with my parents!

I dragged my parents out for a walk since I figured they’d never go unless I went with them. I even got my dad to swing around on the mushroom with me! :D

Total: ~525 minutes this week!
Running Total: 820 minutes!
(See last week’s progress here!)

The internet has not been my friend lately, so checking out other posts and properly linking my own posts up has been somewhat of a struggle. :[ In any case, this fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! Just 20 minutes per day for the month of May! :]

JVKom Chronicles

May Fitness Challenge Kickoff

May 1

Yesterday kicked off the May Fitness Challenge over at JVKom Chronicles! Just [at least] 20 minutes once a day every day seems completely doable! There’s a link-up every Friday, and although I rarely talk about my workouts/fitness in general because food seems to encompass my entire life, I’m going to try to incorporate more of that from now on. Case in point, my roommate at the shelter (otherwise known as the adorable cat near the end of this post) thinks I’m full of all the crazies because she got to witness me doing all of these other than the jump squats. I think I’m off to a pretty good start though!

  • 1×100 glute bridges
  • 1×50 BW squats
  • 1×25 jump squats
  • 3×25 quadruped donkey kicks on each side
  • 3×25 quadruped hip extensions on each side
  • 5×2-minute Supermans (this is mainly because I do most of my studying while lying on my stomach; my back will probably hate me in the future)
  • A hell of a lot of super-powerwalking between different terminals/gates at the WV/DC/SF airports

I had an absolutely beautiful view whilst doing my jump squats!

May 2

I’m back home for a week before I go into my all-out study hibernation, so I went to two morning classes at Twirly Girls. It’s been ages since I’ve been on a pole because I had to take mine down at my apartment. (The surprise visits from my landlady were making life a little difficult.) It’s so good to be home. <3

I can still caterpillar-climb! :D!

Afterward, I took BART over to SF to visit my friends at their workplace. I was going to study at the Starbucks they had downstairs, but since the office was somewhat empty today, I just took up residence at a desk next to them and we worked on being productive. :O They’re a short walk away from the Palace of Fine Arts, so we took a walk there and back.

I got a guest badge and everything!

I am in love with their office. This is the snack stash, and the refrigerator’s loaded with Odwalla and greek yogurt. There’s a toaster oven and microwave all lined up next to it. *-*

This actually makes me want to take up running again. :o

Laptop notes.

Laptop replies.

All in all, today boiled down to the following:

  • 3 hours of pole
  • 15 minutes of speedwalking the streets of downtown SF
  • 20 minute stroll near the Palace of Fine Arts
  • 30 minute walk out to Baker Beach with my friend’s cat, Elios

The day is still young and we have a lot more to explore, so I’ll leave it at that. :D

Total: 295 minutes in 2 days!

The #20×31 fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! Just 20 minutes per day for the month of May! :]

JVKom Chronicles