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easter sunday

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I realize that Easter was actually on the 20th of April, but since I write everything so far into the future (yes, I really am that kind of type A), most of the posts that I write in real-time end up getting posted much later. Bear with me! :O Sometimes, I even manage to make an edit of in my posts of something that’s actually current (e.g. happened in the last day or two). It’s rare, but it happens. This was the weekend after the last of my classes finally ended (hooray hooray!), so I volunteered to help my friend prepare food/help out with whatever she might need. F: Is there anything I should bring? What can I help with? E: Yes! Thank you so much for offering! Can you be here at 6 tomorrow? A: …in the morning? F: (thinking the exact same thought and thoroughly regretting having said anything) Due to a late study night/morning and the misplacement of my house keys, I ended up getting there at 7 and instead of helping with the cooking (Heidi had it well covered; she is magical in the kitchen) and helped with vacuuming, setting up all the tables, chairs, centerpieces and being the accompanist. Our breakfast included buckwheat or whole wheat pancakes, oatmeal banana waffles, a tofu scramble with veggies, walnut oat patties and hash browns. Toppings for the pancakes/waffles included coconut cream, diced strawberries/kiwi/cantaloupe, sliced bananas + apples, blueberry syrup and maple syrup. :]

The food was amazingly delicious and I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I ate 3 more plates of food even after I was already at the point of being uncomfortably stuffed. It was too good to pass up. :/

I thought all this looked pretty spiffy! :]

After studying on campus for several hours, I had a light dinner with Linda before heading to Sean/Isaac’s to study a little more before our weekly gathering for Game of Thrones.

My favorite roll at Fujiyama is the Paradise roll (It’s spicy salmon and avocado topped with more salmon.  <3)

Twas a good weekend. :D Probably one of the most relaxing ones I’m gonna have in a very long time.

And now…for a rather abrupt change in topics (I gotta work on my transitions!), I’m joining in on my first-ever fitness challenge that’s being hosted by Jen (a fellow GGSA), Samantha, Carley, and Anna. It’s basically to get in some kind of movement for at least 20 minutes for every day of May, which should be completely doable, and is something I very much need because I’ve been feeling guilty for even taking a break to eat these days because it detracts from my studying time. I just keep a bag of food next to me and eat while I study. Sad, but true.

JVKom Chronicles

Karen (also a fellow GGSA :) over at Kama Fitness is also doing a challenge, so I figured I’d just stack the two. The more the merrier!  You can find out more information by clicking the link below!

Kama Fitness

more goodies

My Boards Buddy struck again! :D She is a wonderful soul. :O

Whilst studying for our OPP practical last week, Hira and I decided to loot the president’s office as a snack break. (I may have failed to mention that he keeps a whole bunch of goodies [cookies, crackers, candy, pretzels, etc.] in his office so if any of us are ever hungry, we can stop by to grab something. He is a wonderful man, in case the last sentence didn’t make that incredibly clear.)

Here are my spoils of war! (He was out of his office, so we didn’t get to say hello.) I managed to show slight restraint.


Free food is awesome. :D

Mike got me this because he feels bad that I’m always feeding him. It was ginormous and delicious.

I got called a community service whore last week, but as with the degree slut, there are worse ones to be. I’ll take it.

And might I add that when I’m given all of this at the end of volunteering (so it wouldn’t go to waste), how is it not a win-win situation?

9 bottles of gatorade, 2 quart-sized bags + 1 sandwich bag of bananas, 36 cartons of chocolate milk, 4 packs of sweet & salty cranberry maple granola and a billion pistachio-date energy bites.

That was from the zombie run. Y’see [one of the many reasons] why I love volunteering for races!?

I also volunteered for the first ever Appalachian Du/Triathlon for Pancreatic Cancer at Lake Sherwood! I can now proudly say that I’ve thrown a drink in someone’s face because he was asking for it. (No, really, he asked me to because he’d been running for miles and it was hot.)

I’m also now the proud owner of a chicken hat!

While we’re on the subject of food, if you have a blog, please consider joining in on the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap this year! The deadline to be in the match is this coming Monday (November 4th!). It’s for a great cause and you get awesome baked goods out of it, so what’s not to like? :]

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013

more fooding

Weirdly enough, I’ve never actually been to church for Easter Sunday (since we go on Saturdays). My church had a pancake breakfast on Sunday though, and I figured it’d be a good time to hang out with them. It’d also force me to wake up early (out of the house by 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning is pretty remarkable for me) and I’d get amazing food, so there you go. :O

Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries + almonds, waffles with strawberries + almonds, fake-bacon strips, scrambled tofu, fried potatoes & a sausage patty. <3

We played Chinese Poker/Deuces/Big 2/Thirteen again the other night (my friend’s boyfriend lost again, so we now get 2 free dinners; life is wonderful). They were coming back from Roanoke though and Kosina was worried that I’d get too hungry, since I hadn’t planned on staying out so late, so she told me to come over and made me noodles! <3

Noodles with a billion different varieties of fish balls. :D

I have awesome friends. :]

a fair trade

I’m [in]famous at school for always having (or eating) food, so while I was at church yesterday, my friend texted me to see if I wanted any vegetarian chili. (Who am I to say no to free food?)

Her boyfriend had made a gargantuan vat of it, and apparently likes to cook but doesn’t like to eat (?!) or wash dishes.

K: Andrea, can you wash the dishes?
A: No.
K: Farrah, can you wash the dishes? (is clearly expecting me to say no)
F: Sure!
K: :O! What!?
F: Well, you cooked, so you shouldn’t have to wash em’. I’ll do it.
K: :O!!!

While I was working on the pile of dishes in the sink, I heard them squabbling over something in the background that went something like this:
K: You ask her! If I ask her, it’ll be weird.
A: No, I’m not asking her that.
K: Ask her!
A: No!
F: What’s going on?
A: Now you got her curious!

Basically, he was wondering if I’d be willing to take out the trash for him. He recently sprained his ankle (we’re not sure why since I’ve heard opposing stories involving him looking at a pretty girl and tripping into a pothole, or being abused by Andrea and falling), so he’s been milking it for all its worth. We’ve been calling him a useless cripple because of this (only because he’s been trying to pass off everything he can to us because “he can’t walk.”).

I did indeed take out all the trash for him, and in exchange, I got a giant vat of vegetarian chili and a huge thing of spicy cornbread, which I brought to school to share the wealth/foster good relations. Twas worth it. :D I look forward to further transactions. :D

Yeahhh spicy cornbread!

Vegetarian chili! :D!