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Fitness Fav on Friday (Fuel)

This week’s Fitness Favorites is on our favorite fuel (food, supplements, hydration, recovery, etc.)! This week, I’m pairing it with this week’s Spill It, Sundays theme because the themes overlap! …This is also because I’m currently in CA and eating the world, saving the world (aka replaying Chrono Trigger) and spending time with my friends/family, so I’ve been kinda absent from the blogging world, despite my earlier ambitions to switch my blog to self-hosted during my luxuriously long summer vacation (5 days).

The airport I usually fly out of has an on-time departure rate of ~3%, so this is me chillin’ in the VIP lounge.

Just kidding. There is no VIP lounge at that airport. I’m hanging out in my friend’s office and we parked two chairs together to make me a “bed.” My pillow is composed of a towel covering a giant plastic bag of a bunch of plastic bags. Yepyep. High-rollin’. (It was really, really comfortable, actually. I slipped into a coma for a couple hours.)

don’tjudgeus. This is due in part to the fact that my brother and I have been doing super hardcore workouts and end up in all sorts of soreness, so moving is an issue.

A somewhat frightening Asian market find. I really hope they mean ginkgo seeds…?

My favorite way to start the day in the summer (hooray for warm weather!!!) is usually with a smoothie of some kind.

Basic Green Smoothie

As far as supplements go, I like Cytosport 100% Whey Protein (Chocolate) because it’s pretty inexpensive (as far as protein powder goes), especially when you get it from Costco!

Chocolate Raspberry Protein Smoothie

For hydration, I adore coconut water.

Coconut Acai Bowl

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Fitness Fav on Friday (Gear)

Happy July 4th, everyone! :]

Tomorrow is my d-day the day I’ve spent the last almost-1.5 months studying for! If we want to get all technical, I’ve been studying for this exam since I started med school, because it pretty much encompasses everything I learned over the past two years (and much, much more ._.). I’m sincerely hoping that it goes well, and I would very much appreciate all the positive thoughts/energy/prayers anyone would like to send my way! If there were a way to cash in karma, I’d be all in for tomorrow. It’s kinda a big deal. ._. All my limbs crossed! Then I get to go home for about 5 days to remind my family/friends that I still exist, and have not in fact disappeared off the face of the planet!

On an entirely different note, July launches off a new Friday linkup over at Jen’s and this week’s topic is on our favorite fitness gear!

I whipped up a super-awesome collage on MS paint! (My specialty.)

  • Apparel
    By the time I’m out of medical school, I’ll be in roughly a quarter of a million dollars worth of debt (this includes my grad school loans too). Said debt is assuming that I continue to keep my annual living expenses under $10k/year, because we are #2 (there’s no bitterness about the discrepancy between in-state and out-of-state; NONE AT ALL). Suffice to say, I love finding great deals and my workout clothes are primarily composed of free shirts that I get from volunteering, and on sale from Old Navy’s “Active” line (aka the clothes I would live in at all times if it were socially acceptable to do so). My favorite tops are their $3-5 rib-knit tanks, and my favorite bottoms are their slim boot-cut yoga pants.My favorite jacket is from Costco. :D It’s light but warm, super comfortable, flattering, has thumbholes (twas the first jacket I ever owned with thumbholes! :O ), and I am super-regretting not buying one in each of the colors they had to offer. (As far as I know, Costco doesn’t offer them anymore. I may try to snag em’ off ebay at some point.)

    I don’t take very many pictures of things other than food, but here’s me in said jacket! (I’m the one on the left.)

    I’ve already talked about my favorite shoes in a previous post, so in an effort to not beat a dead horse, click the link if you want to hear more about those! :]

  • LiquidGrip & iTac2 (for powerlifting/pole dancing)
    I discovered the existence of the awesomeness that is LiquidGrip at my first national powerlifting competition last year. One of the things I love most about these competitions (yep, all two that I’ve been to >_> ) is that everyone is so encouraging and willing to help. One of the ladies there found out that I was there all alone–no coach, no friends…(etc.), so she offered to take pictures/videos for me so I could see how I was doing/could improve. She also gave me some LiquidGrip to try out before I did my deadlifts. Twas a glorious find. I don’t use anything (e.g. straps, gloves, belt) with any of my regular lifting, but this helped a whole lot. It’s reminiscent of the chalk I used to use back in high school gymnastics, except it’s not messy, and I pretty much never need to re-chalk. A little goes a long way, but since it’s me we’re talking about here, I only really use this for competitions or attempting-to-break-PR’s-days. ._. I suspect this would be equally as helpful for grip in pole, but I’ve mainly been using iTac2, so…I’ll report back when I’ve moved into my new apartment and my pole is no longer hiding in the basement!
    On the subject of iTac2, I use this exclusively on my thighs and/or knees when I need extra grip for tricks/holds. (It’s a little too grippy/powerful for my hands, so I’d pretty much never be able to do any spins without getting stuck and looking even less graceful than usual.) This is especially helpful because I can’t usually get to a studio anymore (two times out of the year :[ ). I love the Platinum Stage poles at Bel’s studio, but the portable one I own is, quite unfortunately, super slippery. :[ I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the weather or the humidity, but it’s never been this difficult to stay on, and as such, this makes being able to practice anything infinitely more difficult. Fortunately, iTac2 does usually help to remedy this!
  • Polar FT4 HR Monitor
    This is for back when I actually used to run (3.5+ years ago?), but this heart rate monitor (and running with friends) is largely how I motivated myself to train for my first/only race/run. My goal at the time was to finish the half-marathon without dying, so in that regard, I did rather swimmingly! The Polar FT4 HR monitor is very, very simple to use. I mulled over a ton of different ones and read a good number of reviews and comparisons before I finally decided on this one. I really liked having something to keep track of how hard I was working, so to speak. I’ve only ever used it for running, because taking it to pole class didn’t work out so well. (I was scared I’d break the monitor during a caterpillar mishap [or some other such accident].) I haven’t used in the past couple years because I stopped running, the battery in the watch finally gave out, and I’ve been busy with higher education and repeatedly moving across the country (sigh). Once I unearth all the pieces necessary and fix it up, maybe it’ll get me to start running once more? At the very least, I’d like to start doing intervals again!

That’s all I’ve got! :]

What would be on your list for favorite fitness gear?

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(Also, while I’m still on the subject of fitness, there’s a @MoveHappy challenge going on for the month of July with different prizes each week! :] More information can be found below!
Better With Veggies

fitness 5 on friday (round 4!)

Augh! I can’t believe June is almost over! Where has the time gone?! I’m summarizing my life in pictures. (I’ll spare you of another screenshot of my notes. It just makes me sad. :[ )

My brain is tired. I need this to be over soon.

The messages on our windows continue. We’ve gotten pretty good at writing in reverse. (+1 for useless life skills!)

There are only a handful of things keeping me sane right now. One of these things happens to be good food. <3

Homemade carne asada tacos!

1. Have you ever taken a fitness class?

Oh, whew. Where to start? I used to regularly do pole, BJJ, Tahitian and hula dancing. I’ve also taken aerial silks, salsa, abs/back conditioning, yoga (general / Bikram), pilates, archery, tumbling, kickboxing, aerial hoop, hooping, circus conditioning, ballroom dancing, and belly dancing. There’s probably something left out in that list, but this is the gist of it, haha.

2. Why do you work out?

I really like to eat. (No, seriously. Of my two years in med school, I did not turn into a hypochondriac, but if I were forced to diagnose myself with something, it’d probably be [a mild-ish form of] compulsive eating disorder.)

3. What is your biggest motivator?

I am mostly fueled by my dreams of badassery. :] I like the idea of seeing what I’m capable of, and working towards constantly improving myself.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I have a pinterest board for dance. <3

5. Do you have routine physicals? (it’s very important to check your health)

I get one pretty much every year and really like getting my lab tests and such back because I like being able to analyze how I’m doing, haha.

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fitness 5 on friday (round 3!)

My friend left this on my desk earlier last week and I just wanted to pass it along. :]

1. What is your favorite time of day to workout?

Despite not being a morning person in any way, shape or form (society just forces me to continually try to be one so I can get more done in a day :[ ), I love working out first thing in the morning. :] I usually have way more energy and feel a whole lot more alive for the rest of the day. It also prevents me from making up any kind of excuse to not go later on in the day.

2. What is your favorite Super Food?

Would salmon count? :D They’re rich in omega-3’s, which help to lower heart disease risk and are high in monounsaturated fats, which can help to lower your triglycerides. There’s also been suggested research that it may help with memory loss and reducing depression. I absolutely adore food, but if I had to narrow it down to just one type of food, salmon sashimi would be it. (Smoked salmon comes in as a close second though.) I miss being in a place where I could buy sashimi-grade salmon. *-*

3. What are some of your fitness goals?

These are my goals for this year! They’re mainly set on beating a couple records in powerlifting and achieving some sort of consistency/balance in my life in terms of dance, flexibility  + interval training.

4. What is your favorite vegetable?

I’m going to go with spinach, because I’m always down to eat some spinach–raw in smoothies/salads or cooked with stuff. Hooray for vitamins ACEK, iron and calcium!

5. What is something fitness or health-related that you’d like to work on?

I really need to work on drinking more water and not eating everything on sight.

If you’d like to join in on the linkup, answer the following questions and link up your post on Friday (it goes live at 7 a.m. EST!). (On social media, the hashtag will be #F5onF. :)

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Pumpkin Vegetable Soup + Fitness 5 on Friday!

Here’s another recipe from 6F feasting (this one’s also pilfered from Jun)! I know the weather’s warming up in most parts of the world, and I tend to enjoy warm soups on cold nights, but I’ve been caught in severe thunderstorms for the past couple nights and it’s really making me want to just not leave my study room, since, I’ve pretty much moved in. (More on that later on in this post. In any case, hope you enjoy! :]

Pumpkin Vegetable Soup

-1/2 kabocha, chopped
-chicken stock, water or dashi stock
-carrots, chopped
-daikon, chopped
-ginger, sliced (~1-2 inches, thinly sliced, but it depends on how gingery you like things)
-sea salt, to taste
-freshly ground black pepper, to taste
-miso paste (optional)

1) Boil everything until cooked.
2) Add boy choy or Napa cabbage at the end if you want leafy greens!
3) If using miso, add it to your bowl when serving and not when boiling it, because it loses flavor if boiled for too long.
Here’s Round 2 of JVKom’s Fitness 5 on Friday! :]

1. What is your least favorite exercise and why?

Hands down, long-distance running. :[ It’s at least partially due to the fact that I suck at it, but for the most part, I just vastly prefer activity that calls for the utilization of my type II muscle fibers. They function a lot better than my type I’s. :P

2. What is your resting heart beats per minute? (to calculate count your pulse for 15 seconds and multiply by 4)

76. :[ This makes me sad because I’m pretty sure I was along the lines of 62 last year.

3. Do you prefer to exercise alone or with company?

If I’m lifting weights, I tend to like going it alone because it’s way more efficient. (My type A tendencies shine through here, har har.) I used to run/jog with Mekala and/or Sylvia while we caught up on life, before we effectively ended up in 3 different time zones (thanks, school/life). I miss that quite a bit. :[

4. What is your go to exercise outfit?

If I could have it my way, I’d exclusively wear workout clothing for pretty much every day of my life. That being said, on days where I don’t have to look nice, I can invariably/ideally (the latter is because winters here kinda suck) be found in a tank top and shorts. Depending on the activity, this may or may not include a pair of heels.

JUST KIDDING. I’m just modeling them (a girl at our studio blinged em’ out). I can’t walk in heels to save my life.

5. Think about this time last year. Are you more or less active than you were a year ago?

Ah, this also makes me very sad. :[ About this time last year, I was fresh out of my very first powerlifting competition and not feeling endless bouts of study guilt for being at the gym (“But Farrah, you should be studying! Get out of here!”), so I was definitely a lot more active. I sincerely hope that by mid-summer, I’ll be done with this madness forever.

I had a dream the other night that I asked my brother to punch me in the stomach (this is a regular occurrence when I’m home) and he did, but I no longer had the abs to block him like I usually do. It was fairly disheartening. He sent me a list of badass quotes, and I want this to be talking about me someday:

“Just remember, somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max.” – Jim Conroy

This is what I mean when I say that I’ve “moved into my study room.”

…And this is what my current life has been reduced to, except multiply this by about 3 filled-up notebooks.

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