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ziplining adventures

I went on my first ziplining adventure earlier this week! It was super fun, and I’ve basically decided that I need to make a bucket list for before I graduate from med school/leave WV. There’s so much I need to do! (Right now, horseback riding tops the list. It’s so much cheaper here! $45 for 3 hours!? There’s another 3-hour one that goes down [I’m assuming they mean follow] a waterfall. And overnight trips! Oh em gee. Must go on em’. It’s happenin’!)

We did the TimberTrek Aerial Adventure, which was basically a zipline obstacle course. There were 5 different courses of varying levels–yellow being the easiest, followed by green (two versions), blue, and then the black diamond. I managed to complete all the levels, but was abandoned by my fellow companions. My friend took the escape in the middle of the blue one, so they just decided to watch my struggles for the rest of it.

Re-clipping my lifelines so I can climb sideways to the platform.

I don’t have much of a future as a tightrope walker.

I know it looks like I’m floating since the picture’s so small, but I’m actually hanging onto a rope. No levitation skills just yet.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that I actually have a slight fear of heights. Here’s me trying to overcome said fear.

I had to keep re-clipping my lifelines on this obstacle, so I figured I’d put my legs to use, haha. Thank you, pole dancing. <3

There were many leaps of faith involved.



free night off

The server was down today, which means…that we got to have lives (sad how that works, isn’t it?)! We had a quiz that actually went fairly well (by that, I mean it was actually reasonable in the sense that they really tested what they said they’d test on–no waiii! :O ).

I was greeted by a sweet potato muffin this morning!

I went afterward to volunteer at the blood drive, then off to a lecture lunch that reminded me of my love for ex phys (I miss it and Davis :[ ). My mini med school group was supposed to have a meeting afterward, but none of the guys showed up, presumably because they all forgot(?). We foolishly forgot to exchange numbers (or rather, I meant to ask, but I wanted to ask with the whole, ‘Can I have yo numba?’ deal but decided against it, in case they’d never seen the mad TV skit of it), and since the server was down, we couldn’t email each other. Our internet dependency thing is a little frightening. :/

I went to donate blood and actually wasn’t rejected this time (yay!). It wasn’t too pleasant of an experience (I would have preferred if the guy had told me what he was doing). My arm also went numb and I turned extremely pale/got pretty light-headed (I was kinda expecting that though). I am apparently somewhat of a messy bleeder when someone shoves the needle into my arm and moves it around. But! I’m helping someone somewhere out there, and I’ll finally know what my blood type is! I may do this again anyway though (once I manage to shake the feeling that my life’s juices were quite literally draining out of me), since it’s kinda nice to be able to help someone out.

I managed to make it home safely?

Against my better judgement, I went to go over hula with my friends afterward (our performance is this weekend!). I managed to not pass out though. Afterward, since the servers were still down (which means we can’t access email, lectures, recordings, material, everything in the world…), we gave ourselves the night off to celebrate, and went out to see a movie (Silver Linings Playbook!). :D The theater downtown was super cute. Movie tickets are apparently only $6, and our town is apparently so small, they don’t actually give you a ticket. They just let you walk by. They also serve popcorn with nutritional yeast! (Gives it a cheesy flavor but without the actual dairy.) I think it’s kinda cool that crime rate is super low here and we don’t have to worry so much about people breaking in, robberies, burglaries, etc. For better or worse, almost everyone I know never locks their door. It’s going to be weird having to get used to not being able to do that elsewhere.


I never thought I’d get to drag my billions of interests along with me to med school. Sure, I figured I’d still be able to make enough time to go to the gym to lift weights and to cook food for myself and possibly, just once in a while, I’d perhaps be able to tinker around on the piano (or as someone else put it, “tickle the ivories”). But to also be able to sing in a chorale (where we regularly practice in Carnegie Hall? :O!!! )? To learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Play piano for my church?

Form a miniature Hawai’i club and teach hula/Tahitian every week? Never in a billion years would I have thought that that could be a possibility. (Partly due to the lack of time thing and also because I don’t think I’m good enough to be able to teach it all that well.) It’s made me realize how much I miss dancing though. By absolutely no means do I claim to be an expert (as my friend very flatteringly termed it), but I did manage to pick something up from my years in Na Keiki ‘O Hawai’i. :] I like having so much to look forward to every week–it definitely makes all the book-studying easier to take in.

Weekly hula/Tahitian classes, I guess you’re happening! :]

med school prom

Just to warn you, this will be a super picture-heavy post because honestly, what do you do at prom other than dance and take pictures? :O

I refer to Grand Affair, otherwise known as a scholarship fundraiser for us starving medical students, as med school prom because that’s basically what it is. Originally, I wasn’t going to go, because $95 is pretty effing steep when we’re already in mountains of debt. But…I got coerced into it by my friends since a good number of them were going, and I hadn’t seen or hung out with them in a pretty long while. (Long enough that they jokingly threatened to banish me from the circle if I didn’t go to med school prom with them.) I’d already volunteered to be their DD, so I figured…why the hell not? I half-regretted this when I found out my neighbor was going to do an anti-prom party (aka cookout for the people who decided not to go), since that sounded like it’d be a lot of fun too (and for much cheaper), but he ended up not doing it, so we’re good, haha.

Earlier yesterday morning, we went to Hospital Day, which is basically when a whole ton of different rotation sites/residency programs (mostly family med, so it hella works in my favor) gather at the Greenbrier to tell us about their programs and to give us free stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that there are a good number of places that will actually provide you with free housing and meals if you so choose to do a clerkship with them in your 3rd or 4th year. (That is pretty effing amazing news. >_> My plan of action, assuming that everything goes as planned [which it rarely does, I know], is to hopefully get that awesome teaching position, keep my apartment here for my two “third years,” and just rotate to places where they’ll give me free housing. We will see how that goes.) I actually didn’t get to go to all the booths I wanted to because I decided to help out with signing people in, but I guess there’s always next year, and considering that so much of my research last year was in looking up family medicine residencies, it shouldn’t be too hard to find out more on my own.

Kosina convinced Adam to take a picture of us decked out in our “professional attire.” :D

I picked up Kosina/Namarig and we went to Nina’s place to finish getting ready (also so we could hang out with Swathi/Elise before we left, since they weren’t going).

This is when we were still operating under the thought process that my hair could actually hold a wave/have volume, but alas. I look like an alien; it’s great.

I’ve basically been trying to teach myself to do makeup through frmheadtotoe since she makes everything look so pretty, and I have all this makeup stuff lying around that I never ever use because I’m usually too lazy/I don’t see why I should bother with the effort. haha. ._. I’m also kinda iffy on makeup because I always feel like using anything past using just eyeliner/mascara is just too much. But I’m also a big fan of the smoky eye look. (sigh.) In short, I think I just need excuses to dress up so I can learn/start using it up. The opportunities are far and few in between though. I think I didn’t crash and burn too badly though! Elise said something along the lines of, “You look so pretty! I can’t stop staring at your eyes! I think it’s because I’ve never seen you really wearing any makeup, but you defined them really well!” (She kinda has a point. I’ve worn makeup three times since I’ve been here. lawl.)

This is what I did with my face/hair! :O Hooray for bathroom camwhoring!

I figured since I was already hella reppin’ my Asian-ness with my outfit (it’s a little big for me because it’s an XL, but that is the only thing that will fit my butt/boobs in Asia :[ ), I might as well go that route with the hair too, so Swathi helped me with that and we stuck one of those chopstick-looking things into my hair. Speaking of Swathi, I asked her to go with me and she rejected me (in more truthful terms, when I asked if she was going, she said, “No, but you should go!”), which makes it 2 for 2 in terms of me going to prom alone. Thanks a lot, Swathi. (haha <3)

Elise and Swathi were basically like our parents sending us off to prom. It was pretty cute. :] In case you’re wondering why the quality of this picture is so bad, it’s kinda because I misplaced my camera cord but didn’t want to leave them out, so I took a picture of a picture. :X

Before we left!

There are a lot of pictures of me/Kosina because she’s our resident photographer.

Also because she’s my “sister.” (When we first met before the year started, people kept asking if we were sisters/related in some way because we were Asian and hung out together. We found this to be mildly hilarious.)

I have a tendency to gravitate towards food. Could you tell? :X

Our table!

While we were there, we couldn’t recognize half the people (or had to do double takes) because they were (1) dressed up and (2) not in scrubs/sweats. Sad? Probably, but it’s a fact of life.

Our 3 course meal at the Greenbrier! Kosina gave me half her chicken and Nina gave me half her tiramisu (“I’m doing my part to feed the hungry” is the way she put it.). I’ve resumed my purpose in life as a food receptacle for my friends. Life is good.

The centerpiece at our table.

This is what happens when you make me hold wine. (I don’t like the smell of it.) What muscles am I using to protrude my lower lip/jaw?!

One of our anatomy professors came by to tell us we looked really nice and should come to class sometime dressed like this instead of our usual scrubs and we-don’t-give-a-shit attire. His more exact idea was that we should just randomly chose a day to come to school super dressed up like this just to mess with everyone.

What prom is complete without an obligatory staircase shot?

As we were leaving, Kosina started running ahead and we were mystified as to why, but it was to take this picture! :O

Piano! <3

I got the bright idea to propose to Nina because I randomly had a bouquet of flowers (even though I’m technically married already.<3 you, Jun!). She rejected me because she’d “never heard of anyone proposing with flowers and not a ring.” Whatta hater. :[

So instead, we have this picture and it kinda looks like a bridal party or something.

Taking the shuttle back to our cars!

So despite my initial reservations, I’m glad I went. We had a good time dancing for hours and it was definitely a welcomed and much-needed break. Everyone I brought there came back in one piece and no one got knocked up. (I bring this part up only because my neighbor came by to give me cinnabon cookies and to tell me to be good/be safe but that if anything happened, I should “name it after him.” Thanks, dude. :O )

And now…back to the grind!

in the pole closet

I came across the term in studioveena yesterday and thought, “How very fitting.”

Although it’s pretty much a big part of my life and one of my absolute favorite hobbies, it isn’t something that most people know about. My closest friends and everyone at TG (duh) are a given. I think my closest friends have known since day 1, since I wouldn’t shut up about it and it was why I was always gone (aka the summer where I lived/camped out at Twirly Girls). It’s been a joke between everyone at the studio and me on how long I could keep up this whole thing without my parents finding out about it. As of yet, they still don’t know, although summer of 2011 is when my mom started suspecting that I had leukemia because I kept coming home with a billion sizable bruises. My dad would make cracks about how my future patients would never want me as their doctor because I was so clumsy. (Honestly, it helped that I was a klutz, because I could use that to explain basically all but the inner thigh bruising.)

But aside from that, I section it off from the rest of my life/world, not because I’m not proud to be a pole dancer or that I’m in any way ashamed of it, but because (especially now) professionally speaking, it would be on the slight side of terrible for this relatively conservative community to find out that one of their future doctors also happens to be a recreational pole dancer.

I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was when I finally saw the pole I ordered sitting outside my apartment though. It’d be so much better off in my living room (so much more space ;_: ), but for the time being, it’s staying in my room because every time I open the door for anyone (or if my landlord ever happens to walk in to make sure things are okay…), it’d be all kinds of awkward.

Case in point, he came over today to see when I wanted to take my AC units out (I haven’t used them at all since my parents left since I get cold kinda easily. Activate, BAT’s!! :[ ), and for a moment, I was kinda panicking because he was like, “I can take them out whenever (as in today, if you want).” Which is really awesome and super helpful of him, but my pole is up in my room right now and although taking it down doesn’t take too long, there was no way I could have stalled him long enough to actually take it down without him seeing it ;_;

Everything’s a-okay though. :D haha. Taking them out next week. :X

Long story short, I’m halfway in and out of the pole closet. :[