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Taylor Farms Superfood Salad

I am absolutely in love with this salad, but it’s usually $8/lb and they don’t always have it at Kroger. I put myself on a grocery store ban in February because I was spending way more money than necessary there. My neighbor knows how much I adore this salad because I can’t shut up about it (he’s the one who introduced me to its existence), but we will get to that.

I was dropping notes off at his place a couple weeks ago and he had just insulted me (I don’t remember what he said anymore because this is such a regular occurrence) as he was opening the refrigerator door.
A: Oh yeah, they had this on sale at Kroger, so I got it for you.
F: :O!!! You are forgiven!
A: Weren’t you mad at me about two seconds ago?
F: I am easily placated by food!

I’ve elevated him to the level of Even More Awesome because this time around, the ingredient list is actually there! (The times I’ve gotten it, it’s always been hopelessly deformed by the “manager’s special” sticker, or just not even present. :'( ) I have the breakdown of ingredients now! Let the experimenting begin! (FYI, for now, this is just a breakdown.)

Superfood Salad

-grape tomatoes
-edamame, shelled
-green cabbage
-dried cranberries
-sunflower seeds
-red onion, diced
(Pomegranate Blueberry Vinaigrette)
-red wine vinegar
-pomegranate juice concentrate
-distilled vinegar
-blueberry concentrate
-xanthan gum


Review: Dole’s Endless Summer Kit

I’ve never purchased a salad kit in my life, mainly because they’re usually a hell of a lot more expensive than just buying the ingredients separately and making it yourself (tis the price you pay for convenience). However, my neighbor does sometimes, and a couple weeks ago, I was over at his place (so what else is new) and tried some of this one. It is effing amazing. Holy crud. So much so that I actually went and bought some the other day! :D (It was on manager’s special. I love manager’s specials at Kroger. <3 ) This isn’t really a recipe so much as it is a breakdown of the stuff in this awesomeness of a salad kit.

I don’t know what it is about this particular salad kit, because I’ve since tried others and they just don’t seem to compare. To be fair, the others generally include an ingredient I don’t particularly enjoy, or can’t have (e.g. blue cheese, bacon), so it’s probably more of a preference issue on my part. I usually just get around that by omitting whatever the ingredient is and throwing more of my own fixings in.

Dole’s Endless Summer Kit

This is before I mixed it all up. :O

-sunflower seeds
-mix of guyere + swiss cheese, shredded
-romaine lettuce, shredded
-red cabbage, shredded
-carrots, shredded
-hard boiled egg, chopped/diced (since I was being lazy, I just mashed it up with the fork I was going to use to eat the salad)
-artisan-style croutons
-pepper & herb seasoning
-Dole’s summer vinaigrette dressing (has white balsamic vinegar in it, but that’s unfortunately all I know)

1) Mix everything together and consume! :O

(Honestly, my only alteration to this was to add a mashed up hard-boiled egg in. Yay for more protein! Also, the salad dressing from a single salad kit tends to last for 4 different salads for me, so that’s another plus. If anyone knows how to recreate this dressing, I’ll love you forever.)