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Update: May Fitness Challenge (05/03-05/08)

Pole has definitely been taking its toll basically everywhere, but mostly my legs (they feel shredded, and by that, I mean from murdered nerve endings, a whole lot of bruises and raw skin). Tis the price you pay for greatness! The bruising and battering is because I basically did what could be considered “weekend warrior” pole (but for 5 of the 7 full days that I was back, instead of just a weekend). I haven’t been on one since December, so mayhaps I should’ve taken that into consideration, but who knows when I’ll get to go back to the studio again? :'( I have a friend who’s currently studying for a certification as a nutritional coach and since she was looking for free practice clients, I signed myself up! I figure I have a whole lot to improve upon (I’m fairly certain that my main issue is portion control), and it’d also be great to learn more so that I can counsel my future patients on healthier dietary choices. There were several forms to fill out, a couple of which entailed keeping a food journal, which I have absolutely no problem with since I’ve been myfitnesspal-ing it since, apparently, September (not gonna lie, that ring girl competition was good motivation to keep my binge-eating tendencies in check). However, since I’ve been home for the past week, I’m not gonna lie–I’ve very much been free-for-all-ing all over the place, so she said to just start the journal when I head back to school. :P

For instance, this was plate 1 of 4.5 at the buffet we went to. >_>

May 3

  • 1×100 bridges
  • 1×25 squat jumps
  • 1.5 hours of pole

May 4

  • 2 hours of pole

May 5

  • I was feeling somewhat broken. :'( Did about half an hour of yoga.

May 6

  • 2 hours of pole

May 7

  • 1.5 hours of pole
  • ~5 minutes of sprints

Wednesday morning crew! It was so great to see everyone again and to finally meet AJ!

We went to Meadowlark Dairy for dessert after lunch!

Everyone else ordered a small, while my order went something like this: “Um, I’m gonna be a total pig and get a large. Could you please stack the strawberry, pineapple and orange flavors into a cone? :D” ($2.50 for homemade ice cream bigger than my face!)

May 8

  • 1 hour walk around the lake with my parents!

I dragged my parents out for a walk since I figured they’d never go unless I went with them. I even got my dad to swing around on the mushroom with me! :D

Total: ~525 minutes this week!
Running Total: 820 minutes!
(See last week’s progress here!)

The internet has not been my friend lately, so checking out other posts and properly linking my own posts up has been somewhat of a struggle. :[ In any case, this fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! Just 20 minutes per day for the month of May! :]

JVKom Chronicles

May Fitness Challenge Kickoff

May 1

Yesterday kicked off the May Fitness Challenge over at JVKom Chronicles! Just [at least] 20 minutes once a day every day seems completely doable! There’s a link-up every Friday, and although I rarely talk about my workouts/fitness in general because food seems to encompass my entire life, I’m going to try to incorporate more of that from now on. Case in point, my roommate at the shelter (otherwise known as the adorable cat near the end of this post) thinks I’m full of all the crazies because she got to witness me doing all of these other than the jump squats. I think I’m off to a pretty good start though!

  • 1×100 glute bridges
  • 1×50 BW squats
  • 1×25 jump squats
  • 3×25 quadruped donkey kicks on each side
  • 3×25 quadruped hip extensions on each side
  • 5×2-minute Supermans (this is mainly because I do most of my studying while lying on my stomach; my back will probably hate me in the future)
  • A hell of a lot of super-powerwalking between different terminals/gates at the WV/DC/SF airports

I had an absolutely beautiful view whilst doing my jump squats!

May 2

I’m back home for a week before I go into my all-out study hibernation, so I went to two morning classes at Twirly Girls. It’s been ages since I’ve been on a pole because I had to take mine down at my apartment. (The surprise visits from my landlady were making life a little difficult.) It’s so good to be home. <3

I can still caterpillar-climb! :D!

Afterward, I took BART over to SF to visit my friends at their workplace. I was going to study at the Starbucks they had downstairs, but since the office was somewhat empty today, I just took up residence at a desk next to them and we worked on being productive. :O They’re a short walk away from the Palace of Fine Arts, so we took a walk there and back.

I got a guest badge and everything!

I am in love with their office. This is the snack stash, and the refrigerator’s loaded with Odwalla and greek yogurt. There’s a toaster oven and microwave all lined up next to it. *-*

This actually makes me want to take up running again. :o

Laptop notes.

Laptop replies.

All in all, today boiled down to the following:

  • 3 hours of pole
  • 15 minutes of speedwalking the streets of downtown SF
  • 20 minute stroll near the Palace of Fine Arts
  • 30 minute walk out to Baker Beach with my friend’s cat, Elios

The day is still young and we have a lot more to explore, so I’ll leave it at that. :D

Total: 295 minutes in 2 days!

The #20×31 fitness challenge is hosted by Jen, Samantha, Carley and Anna. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested! Just 20 minutes per day for the month of May! :]

JVKom Chronicles

covert davis operation

On Saturday evening-ish, I went out to Walnut Creek for our Twirly Girls AIDS walk fundraiser (also since I’d volunteered to be the pole cleaner). I’d worked a pretty awesome contraption out, since it gets tiring speed-climbing poles one-handed. Thank goodness for carabiners and my watch (I hung the spray bottle on the carabiner, draped a towel over my arm and off I went). We raised ~$1200, and the event itself was only 2-2.5-ish hours long (this obviously doesn’t factor in the hours of prep work and gathering of donations, but still)! :D! I ended up leaving at around 9 p.m. and headed on my way up to Davis, since I was already almost halfway there. (Honestly, I was just looking for an excuse to go up so I could volunteer at clinic.)

I like how most of my head blends into the darkness.

This kinda shows me why my parents think I “got so tan.” I guess I did darken quite a bit. :x

Almost all the people I’ve ever known who live in/around Davis/Sac have already graduated/left. :[ That weekend, the sole remainders happened to be in San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Reno, respectively. Thus, I found a place on the street to park (so I wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb, seeing as how summer Davis = empty Davis) and slept in the back of Speedracer for the night. At around 5:30 a.m., I woke up to the sound of male voices as they walked past Speedracer (and in my mind wondered, “What the hell are you doing awake at 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning?!”), but I got up and decided to walk to Starbucks because it is a wonderfully awesome and reliable venue for (1) outlets to charge my phone and (2) free wifi. (I could also then brush my teeth/wash my face so I wouldn’t look like a total bum.) On my way there, I happened to come across $20 lying on the floor with no owner to be found. :D! (Gas money/karma?)

I was going to stop somewhere to pick up breakfast, but ended up just heading over to clinic instead. I’ve only been to Sunday clinic a handful of times, so I didn’t really remember much in terms of how they did their thing (sigh). Luckily, I had the sense to take professional clothing along with my usual PHAC attire (whew). :D I found my fellow PA’s at the table after wandering into the back room to put away my things whilst being stared down by everyone. I got to follow two patients’ entire cases (they took unexpectedly long), and also did super-detailed several lab calls. I’m really sad that the next time I head up to Davis will likely be one of my last ones ever, but like all/most good things (or so it seems), I guess it had to come to an end at some point. :[ I shall miss you dearly.

I also find it vaguely hilarious that I have to sneak around when it comes to volunteering. It’s so backwards. ._.


One of the only things I really dislike about living in WV is really just that it’s so far away from the people/things that I love. I had all these grand plans to be productive and get some studying done in advance while I was home. …I’m a little ashamed to admit that absolutely none of it has gotten done (none of the academic-related stuff, anyway). I’ve been trying to see as much of my friends/family as possible while also trying to go back to living at Twirly Girls, working out, and making good food. :O You’d think this wouldn’t take up too much time, but oh believe me, it does. ._.

In any case, I was absolutely thrilled because I got to take a workshop (this never usually happens because I’m never here ;_; ) yesterday! Since I had my photoshoot on Sunday and a lesson right before the workshop, I was basically dead, but I tried my best to absorb as much as I could, and I have a bunch of new goals to train for. :] Joey is such a sweetie! :D It was great meeting him and learning from him! :]

I miss living here. <3

winter break recap

Well then. That was definitely not the best way to start off the new semester. Since my neighbor is about 10 lectures ahead of me, I spent yesterday in somewhat of a mad rush trying to catch up to him and ended up sleeping at around 2:30 a.m. As luck would have it, none of my 5 alarms went off this morning (either that or I just seriously did not hear any of it) and we had mandatory class at 8 a.m. I woke up to the sound of somewhat frantic honking outside my bedroom window at 7:48 a.m., freaked the hell out, and rushed to school (I made it on time). Since I usually leave a couple minutes before he does, he figured that the fact that my car was still there meant that I was out cold. (Thanks a billion! ;_; )

This is basically why I’m completely okay with him doing stuff like this to me:

I came home one night a week or two ago to find this on my doorknob (it was actually better coiled so that the snake was actually facing me). Keep in mind that I live kinda in the boonies, so it was pitch black. I was talking to my mom at the time, and our conversation went something like this:
F: (starts laughing)
MF: What’s so funny?
F: There’s a snake on my doorknob.
MF: WHAT?! What are you going to do!? Are you going to call someone?!? (She has ophidiophobia.)
F: Don’t worry, it’s not real.
MF: (still panicking) What’s a fake snake doing on your door?!
F: It’s probably Adam.
MF: Why would he do something like that!?
F: Just to be a dick.
He finally admitted to it yesterday, and confessed that it took a good 5 minutes to position it so perfectly on my door. Tis a shame that I had to actually open the door to turn on the light so I could take a picture. :O

Much to my chagrin, classes have started again, but I suspect that if break had been any longer, I would just fall off the whole study-hard wagon. Here’s a super quick recap!

I watched the Nutcracker ballet (for the first time! :O ) in Oakland with my family because we somehow managed to score free tickets that the mayor was giving out (…? I have no idea why or how this happened, but I will take it). We also went to see Les Miserables, which is one of my two absolute favorite musicals (the other would be Wicked). We went to a family friend’s place for Christmas lunch and played White Elephant. It is probably only at an Asian White Elephant gift exchange that you’ll ever see durian as one of the gifts. My entire family hates durian, so I actually haven’t eaten any since 2006. Back in the day, my grandma and I used to eat it together and we’d be mutually shunned by the rest of our family.

I saw several of my closest friends again and definitely Asian-fooded it up (Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian…). :O When I described the sushi buffet I went to to my anatomy professor today, he was overwhelmed with all sorts of jealousy and said that he would forgive me if I left a bento box at his office door. I am highly considering getting a bento box and filling it with pictures of the sushi I had to leave in front of his office door, but am wondering if that would make him hate me forever. :x

I met up with Becca & Whitney, who are the only two people from the group I hung out with in high school that I still keep in contact with. We have a reunion every break we have and usually do some kind of crafting (e.g. I learned to knit last winter and made a billion scarves). This winter was somewhat truncated because my break was so short, so I made a pompom out of yarn for my beloved cat, Ninja.

She definitely enjoyed batting the crap out of it. :O

Before I left for Napa, I went to visit one of my favorite people in the world, aka my second mom: Bel! :D We talked for a couple hours and I was hella sad that I had to leave, so she said to come by to her SWEAT class at ClubSport on Monday so I could hang out some more. :D This is us showing off my month in the Twirly Girls calendar! (Somehow, I always end up with January, haha.) I’m hella sad that I couldn’t really take any classes this break, but mark my words, I will be living there again this summer, if all goes well. *-*

I also have a reunion every winter break with several of my Davis friends. Usually, we go to Walnut Creek, but we deviated from it this year to head over to Napa to stay with one of her friends. This is us at the Napa River Trail. Since it’s such a small picture, you hopefully can’t tell that we’re all squinting and/or crying because the sun is so bright. Sun, how I miss you [already].

They set up beds for us (I love the monkey-bear pillow, haha) and let us know where the spare key was so we wouldn’t have to worry about waking them up, or having to come home while they were still awake.
Us: Thanks, Mom and Dad! :D
Emily/Aaron: We’re like the cool parents!

Indeed they are! They even made us dinner! :O We had three different kinds of pizza (taco pizza, pizza with goat cheese/caramelized onions/pears, Hawaiian pizza [not pictured]), salad, and apple pie + ice cream. :D (We brought the apple pie back for them since they wouldn’t let us treat them to dinner.) I’m definitely going to try to recreate the pizzas sometime because they were glorious. (I usually don’t even like goat cheese, but it takes on a much more mild flavor when it’s baked. :O ) If I’m successful, the recipes will, of course, be shared here. :O

I actually snuck up to Davis for a couple hours too since I couldn’t be there for the actual music reunion this year (it’s tomorrow and class started today :'( ). I figured seeing a couple of them would be better than nothing! :O Curse my brother for saying that it only took 15 minutes to get from Napa to Davis though. It’s a good 50-60 miles away. In what universe would that take 15 minutes by car? >:O We chilled at Burgers & Brew for a couple hours and then I finally made it home. I miss Davis and being able to get everywhere without having to drive. ;_;

The next morning, I went for a hike with my family and several family friends over in Coyote Hills. :]

Our plans to make steak fell through because the friend who found the awesome butcher was no longer free. Without her, we were rather lost and thus decided to wander around Trader Joe’s and pick up whatever looked good for dinner. When Sam saw the stuff we came back with (cereal, mozzarella, coconut milk, cheese, baby carrots, cucumbers), he was rather mystified as to what we would be making. :x

On my last day, I met up with Bel at 12 and took her boot camp class, which left my legs super sore all through my plane rides the next day. I’ve never actually been in ClubSport because it’s for rich people and we are not rich (nor can I even convince my parents to go work out even when there are 2 free gym memberships waiting there for them :[ ). I legitimately got lost in the locker room (sad, I know). I’ve gotten kinda used to paying next to nothing (<$7/month) for a bare-bones type of gym ever since I lost my ARC membership (oh, how I miss you :[ ), and now, I basically pay nothing because it’s been included into my monstrous tuition.

I also tried to get in one last Bikram yoga class but somehow didn’t remember the time correctly (thought it was 4:30 p.m. instead of 4 p.m.). There was a woman sitting there who’d gotten there 10 minutes late, so I started talking to her and managed to do some completely unintentional networking. She apparently works at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and said that when I was out, I should definitely look them up because they were always looking for people, especially those who wanted to go into primary care. ( :D! ) She also said my personality was bubbly and friendly enough that patients would definitely love me  in primary care. Hells yes. <3 Her name is actually really familiar-sounding, so I’m half-wondering if she was the physician I was going to have, had it not been for the fact that I had to switch over to Kaiser. :x

Yep, that’s all I have. I also managed to catch the plague for a bit because I wasn’t sleeping very much (or at all) due to my want/need of seeing all my friends/family as much as humanly possible before running off to the mountains again, but I’m alive and well again. Ready or not, here comes the second semester of med school! I’m missing a fat chunk of change because I just paid off half the year’s rent as well as half the year’s auto insurance. Hooray hooray?