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words of truth

“I like food and sleep. If I give you food or talk/text with you all night, you’re special to me.”

that sounds like a bad idea

“I just had a bunch of margaritas and now I’m gonna go work out!”

does this mean i get to do both?

“Los músicos hijo de como los medicos… los medicos curan el cuerpo, los musicos el alma.”


what not to say when trying to find out whether or not someone has a kid

“I’m sorry, we’re acting like toddlers. Speaking of toddlers, are you growing one in your house right now?”

“it just melts into the cracks!”

“I was a chemical engineering major and I studied this in pchem! Ice cream has a low packing density would increase the packing density by filling up the spaces, so if you have a stomach full of sushi, you can still fill it with another stomach of ice cream.”