Background (aka How Did This All Begin?)

Once upon a time (post-undergrad/pre-grad school), I was moving across the country from the west coast to the land of the bitter cold (east coast) and my friends wanted a way to keep up with my life. Somewhere along the way, it turned into a blog about all my food adventures/endeavors, interspersed here and there with little pockets about my life. No one’s complained though, and seeing as how I tend to plan my entire life around my meals, it was only fitting.

Hey look, it’s me!

This is me summarized on a t-shirt.

I’m somewhat of a nerd, if you couldn’t tell.

in excruciating detail:

I was named after Farrah Fawcett. My name means “wild ass.” (It also means “delightful,” “joy,” and “beautiful,” but let’s hazard a guess at which one of these meanings is the best conversation-starter…). My activities outside of working out (more detail below) include, but are definitely not limited to: volunteering, music (especially piano and singing!), traveling, and walking very quickly.

I hold a Bachelors of Arts & Science in Exercise Biology and Music Performance (Piano). Because I’m somewhat of a degree slut (someone else’s words, but it works), I’m two courses away from an Associate’s in Athletic Training (so close, yet so far…), have a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences, and will be working on piling knowledge into my brain in the years to come so that I can become a physician. I really like to learn and travel, and hermiting it up in the mountains here has been pretty fun thus far. :O

Since I’ve been incurring a monstrous amount of debt by the time I’m through with school, I have somewhat vague plans to sustain myself by being a non-starving musician + research subject, and selling my belongings. My current hope/plan of action is to go into family medicine (and to sub-specialize in sports medicine afterward!).

This is me wielding a ginormous ice cream cone.

I have a billion interests but don’t tend to drop previous hobbies/activities, so the list just keeps growing. As such, I’ve gotten very good at multi-tasking. I detest idle moments, so I’m constantly trying to do everything. I want to make every moment in my life count, and I’d like to live my life in such a way that when I officially kick the bucket, I can do so without any regrets.


I was born almost 3 months early and apparently tried to make up for this by eating more than every baby in the hospital, but as a child, I was still extremely scrawny. Think 4’11” and 68 pounds. :o! I started and ended my gymnastics career in high school, and for the first two years of college, the only form of physical activity I got was through powerwalking and/or biking all over campus (Davis is quite likely one of the most biker-friendly areas in the country), a summer of horseback-riding (I worked there in exchange for lessons <3) and Tahitian/hula dancing.

In my junior year, I switched one of my majors to Exercise Biology and decided that enough was enough! I’d be a complete disgrace to my major if I didn’t do more of some form of physical activity! :O! So I took up weightlifting and have not looked back since. Along the way, I’ve thrown in salsa, archery, running, pole dancing, BJJ, aerial silks, yoga, and pilates. They keep me happily occupied and sane when studying is driving me up the wall.


I unfortunately did not start learning to cook until I was a sophomore in college(!), so I’ve been makin’ up for lost time! My more extensive philosophies on food and my random food restrictions can be found here, but for the most part, I like to eat healthy with the occasional “cheat meal/day.” :]

I am thoroughly convinced that if you don’t like food, we probably would not get along. :[ (Unless you gave me the food you didn’t eat?)

I have the coolest cat in the world (although she could stand to lose a pound or four; this picture is wildly deceiving). Her name’s Ninja and I love and miss her dearly (she’s in California, but she runs to the phone whenever she hears my voice).

Disclaimer: Please realize that I am nowhere close to becoming a licensed health professional of any sort, and that this blog is my outlet, as well as a way to document my memories and thoughts (and to store my recipe collection). My “quarterly interest” emails from my student loans brings me to enough despair as it is, so please don’t sue me. The views expressed here are my own, and the accuracy and completeness of anything on here cannot be guaranteed (unless it’s about my life, but let’s just go ahead and assume that you won’t dispute the validity of the events in my life because you are not in fact a stalker who’s intimately aware of every occurrence in my daily life.

That being said, if there are any errors or issues, please also remember that I am in fact a chronically sleep-deprived individual and very much human. Just let me know, and I shall [attempt to] fix it!

  1. Your kitty is so cute! And can I have that ice cream?! :-D

  2. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Yay you! The award is on my blog:


  3. Farrah! If you’re into these things, I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award! I love your blog. You can see your nomination on my blog, http://julieschicklit.com/2013/03/18/sunshine-award/

    • hello! :D thanks so much! i’m super flattered! :D i don’t usually do these because i’m wildly talented at stopping the chains, but I will answer the questions! :P

  4. Wow, I love your blog! Your cat is adorable and I think you’re really cool! And wow, the ice cream. I want to eat it right now.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it! :D I miss my cat so much, but…less than a month til I get to see her again! The ice cream is from Meadowlark Dairy in Pleasanton, CA, if you’re ever around that area! :]

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog and my Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Bars! I hope you get a chance to stop by again and make a recipe or two for yourself. I look forward to following your posts in the future! I NEED that icecream cone you have in that photo haha!


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