101 in 1001

A beach in the Dominican Republic! <3

Why 1001?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities. To start your own, calculate the finish date here!

Start: April 4, 2014
Finish: December 30, 2016

Health + Fitness
1) Continue lifting/strength training 3x/week. (Exceptions unfortunately apply during exam weeks.)
2) Deadlift > 340, Squat > 240, Bench Press > 160 in the 114-weight class would have you beating all the national records. For 123, it’s D-375, BP-176, S-265.
3) Flexibility training 10 minutes/day.
4) Foundations 1+2/Handstands with Jun.
5) Continue following IIFYM.
6) Get BF% to 17%.
7) Drink at least 10 cups of water per day.
8) Continue running/doing some form of endurance activity 3x/week.
9) Compete in another national powerlifting competition.
10) Take free fitness classes at hospital gym. (Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D.)

1) Organize a fundraiser for Please Save A Cat/Friends For Life, Inc.
2) Continue volunteering at PSAC/FFL whenever you find the time/an excuse to visit.

1) Pass all my 2nd year classes. 04/18/14 – it still doesn’t feel real!
2) Take COMLEX. (07/05/14)
3) Move to Ashland.
4) Set up elective rotations for 3rd year (mid-March).
5) Find a place to live that’s close-ish to my new base site.
6) Move out of apartment and into the shelter/farm!
7) Pass my boards. [YEAHHHHHH. BEST DAY OF MY LIFEEEEE. One of em’, anyway.]
8) Apply for SDOY in 2014.
9) Online Spanish course at local community college.
10) ACOFP conference. (03/2015)
11) Run for national secretary position. (03/2015)?
12) Graduate from medical school. (05/2016)
13) Match into an awesome residency program in a field that I adore.
14) If you didn’t win in 2014, apply for SDOY in 2015.
15) Set up rotations for 4th year.
16) Pass OSCE’s. (07/23/14)
17) Pass Step II.
18) Win some kind of award/scholarship to help with livelihood?
19) Go on an international rotation. (Costa Rica? Hong Kong?) Or just go to Hawaii for one of your rotations…

1) Set up a budget so I can live frugally but comfortably while avoiding being in debt forever. Stick to it. [Try to spend < $9000 on rent/living/food/transportation/etc. over the next year.]
2) Continue to keep track of everything I spend.
3) Donate/sell the things I don’t need.
4) Apply for all the ACOFP scholarships. [0/3]
5) Apply for at least 2 other scholarships/awards that I qualify for. [0/2]
6) Cook whenever possible and eat out as little as possible.
7) Start making monthly payments on student loans after I graduate. [0/6]
8) For (at least) one month of every year, don’t go out to eat. [0/3]
9) Do an epic cleanse/de-cluttering of my room.

Hobbies (apparently just all pole)
1) Cartwheel mount (pole).
2) Allegra (pole)
3) Dove (pole)
4) Ballerina (pole)
5) Cube (pole)
6) Take another pole workshop. [05/03/14 – Ellen Lovelace’s Pole Flow workshop!]

1) Handstand pirouettes.
2) Get my back handspring back.
3) Aerial.
4) Learn to play my ukulele.
5) Learn to french braid my hair.
6) Learn one song in Hawaiian.
7) Learn one song in Cantonese.
8) Learn how to curl my hair.

1) Hiking in Yosemite (half dome!)
2) Go home to visit before study hibernation commences! (May 1-8, 2014)
3) Go home to visit after boards. (July 2014)
4) Visit Davis. (July 2014)
5) Visit/Help out at PHAC.
6) Go to a beach.

Family & Friends
1) Monterey with supah speshal awsum.
2) Cruise to Costa Rica with family? (October 2014)
3) Go back to Lewisburg to visit Linda/Donna/church. [0/5+]
4) Send a care package to someone at least once a year. [0/3]
5) Meet up with Whitney/Becca at least once a year. [1/3]
6) Food adventures/hangouts with supah speshal awsum during my vacations at least once a year. [1/3]
7) Meet up with Mekala/Sylvia/Elise/Kaitlin at least once a year. [0/3]

Venturing Out (of Comfort Zone)
1) Enter ring girl competitions. (Hopefully win one/some/all of em’.) [0/5]
2) Perform in at least 3 places with The Vagal Tones. [0/3]
3) LBB Model Contest (photoshoot 05/29/14; contest starts August)

1) Keyboard carrying case [thanks, Jun! <3]
2) Pole carrying case
3) Cast iron set [twas a birthday present to self :O ]
4) Sharkini
5) Salmon nigiri earrings
6) Tales of Phantasia

1) Participate in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2014.
2) Participate in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2015.
3) Participate in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2016.
4) Participate in at least 20 sponsored recipe contests for The Recipe ReDux. [4/20]

5) Submit recipes each month for The Recipe ReDux. [3/33]

6) Make Amish Friendship Bread.
7) Make at least 10 recipes from pinterest. [1/10]

8) Make at least 20 recipes from Recipe ReDux posts. [3/20]

9) Make Thai drunken noodles.
10) Make Dutch babies (as Trish would say–the food, not a foreign child!).
11) Strong Figure Ambassadorship?
12) FitPossible Ambassadorship? – applied!
13) Get own domain and import everything there.
14) Attend a blogging conference?

1) Check out the Asian market(!!!) in Ashland.
2) Go paddleboarding.
3) Check out the SDA church in Ashland.
4) Check out the farmer’s market(s) in Ashland.
5) Chocolate Festival in Lewisburg. (04/12/14)
6) Go berry-picking.
7) Art festival in KY. (08/16/14)

Final Four!
1) Put aside $1 for each completed goal and use it to buy something nice.
2) Put aside $5 for each uncompleted goal and throw it towards your student loans.
3) Blog about the things on this list that can be written about.
4) Make another 101 in 1001 list.

Ongoing/Continuous: 14
Completed: 12

  1. Love this idea! We have a few similar goals….i.e. learning to curl hair!!!
    And if you go to Costa Rica, let me know!! LOVE that country so much! Such a beautiful place! Wish I was living there so often!

    • Glad I’m not alone on that! :P We’ll get there someday!

      I get to go! I’m tagging along with my parents on a cruise, so we only get to be in Costa Rica for a day, but I’ll definitely take that over nothing! :D! I’ve heard so many good things about that place! :]

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