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imported lamb kebabs

Once upon a time at the end of last year, my anatomy group wanted to give a huge thank you to our favorite GTA for being so helpful and all-around awesome, so I emailed him and asked him what his favorite food was, so mayhaps I could make it for him as a thank you.

If it’s imported lamb kebabs you want, then imported lamb kebabs you shall receive! >:o I left this on his door before I went home for the summer and it’s still chillin’ there now. :D

The back of each lamb has “Made in Sri Lanka,” “Made in Taiwan,” “Made in…(etc.)” written on it.


casting/splinting lab

We had our casting/splinting lab in clinical skills last week. It was the lab I was most excited for and it didn’t disappoint! :]

The left is my friend’s handiwork and the right is mine. (The ACE bandages are old, so they don’t stretch all that well anymore. We were conserving resources.

I also got to cut part of a cast off of someone! :D

While we’re still on the subject of school, the time I spent tutoring first years in anatomy was rather well-spent! :] (I went into every lab session they had and spent a total of 10 hours that week with them. My priorities were probably severely misplaced because I had my final the same day as their practical, but it turned out okay!) The class as a whole actually got kinda slaughtered and only 16% passed the practical, but this was mostly because the questions on the side had nothing to do with what they’d been taught. They ended up having to curve the practical (which they rarely ever do), but two of the students I tutored came back to tell me that they had been within that 16%, and that with the curve, they got a 96% and a 98.3%!

I’m so happy for them! :D :D :D

On an entirely unrelated note, I signed up to be in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! Long story short, it’s a fundraiser for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. If you sign up, donate $4 and qualify (just have an active food blog for >2 months), you send 3 different bloggers a dozen homemade cookies and you’ll receive 3 different boxes of cookies from other bloggers. :]! Tasty treats while supporting a great cause? Win-win!

clearly, i have no life

(Click on image to zoom!)

I made this over the summer for my friend, since she was starting PA school and hadn’t taken anatomy before. It should be devoid of errors! (Hopefully, it’ll help someone out there?)


Our quiz [mainly] on male repro is tomorrow.

“Ashley, can you hand me that penis over there?”

F: There was a really good one here. …Where did the penis go? It was here earlier…
A: I think a group came by earlier and took it.
S: How could you let someone take your penis away? Go find it!
F: Wait, there it is! It’s coming back!

When I almost walked into a plastination of a head:
F: Oh hello, faces.
T: I’m so glad we’re done with that. And that we cut the head off.
D: Things you would only ever hear in anatomy lab.
F: One would hope.

M: Are you guys done with the penis?
F: Yep! Here you go! Do you want the probe too?
B: Oh Farrah…
F: Never mind.
M: Yes, we’ll take the probe.

We also had a conversation about fractured peni (my preferred plural term for penis, even though it’s not actually a word). It was disturbing. Last week, all the groups who had female cadavers had to hemisect the vagina. As luck would have it, that burden (of sorts) fell onto me. Weirdly enough, I didn’t really care, but that might be because I’ve long since learned to dissociate when I’m in lab (that + I’m just so used to anatomy lab that few things in there really faze me anymore). This week, all the groups with male cadavers had to hemisect the penis. The guys did not have a good time with this.

I can’t wait til we’re done with repro. Hands down, my least favorite block thus far. It gives neuro a run for its money. I definitely feel that I’ve seen way more pictures of reproductive organs in these past two weeks than I would ever have hoped to gaze upon in a lifetime. (Can you tell that I have zero interest in OB/GYN? >_>) If someone looks through my search history, I’m going to look like a total perv. ._.

apparently, numbers aren’t my thing

We had our anatomy practical on the GI system on Monday. I spent 4 hours out of my weekend tutoring my friends on it, so in theory, I should have done really well. For some unfathomable reason, however, I thought our practical was at 3:18 p.m. when in actuality, it was at 3 p.m., and our practical ended at 3:18 p.m.

Since I’d been studying with my neighbor, we basically got there at the halfway mark, and only because he asked if I wanted to race him to the lab. :[ I am a terrible person.

I think we did reasonably well though, given the circumstances? I still feel horrible though. :[ Good thing he didn’t care. :[

Part of our mini med school presentation includes a demonstration/tutorial on how to intubate using mannequins, so we were going over that yesterday. I actually got to do this about 6 years ago at a summer program I did back at the hospital my mom works at, but it’s definitely been a while. Apparently, I did retain a little somethin’ though because I was the only one who successfully intubated my patient on my first try without breaking any teeth! :D Super proud of self. I may not be such a failure after all! :D

HBLers -1. (I’m taking the picture.)

A true high five.

In other news, we had our Chapman points lab today in OPP. I’m really glad that I got paired off with one of my friends and not with someone creepy.

Courtesy “The Pocket Manual of OMT,” 2nd ed. Beatty, Li, Steele, Comeaux, Garlitz, Kribs, Lemley. Aka all my OPP professors.

If you subscribe to the belief that 2nd base is above the waist and 3rd base is below, my friend basically got to 3rd on me today. (Please note where the point for “uterus” is.) Our professor referred to it as “starting at the ischial tuberosities and moving up til the point right before where you’d get sued.” Oh, medicine. We clearly cannot have boundaries. I restate and reiterate: I’m glad my partner today was my friend.

We were working out together-ish at the gym yesterday afternoon and the following conversation ensued:
I: Hey Farrah, do you think Mike’s buff?
M: No, don’t ask her that!
F: But I didn’t even answer yet.
M: What if I don’t want to hear the answer? :[
I: I think you’re buff, Mike.
M: Stop it.
F: You don’t take compliments well, do you? :O

So today, Isaac came over.
I: While we have the chance…
F: Oh yeah! Did you want to palpate my liver? And my kidneys? (He asked about this yesterday.)
I: …Oh. Yes! But not right now. I was going to say, while you have the chance, you should feel Mike’s biceps and tell him you agree with me.
F: A most splendid idea! Will do! :D
F+I: (evil snickers)

(For the record, we’re all friends, or this probably would have been a little strange and I’d probably get Titled IX’ed.) I did this after he got through the CV/Respiratory Chapman points (what I call second base) on me.

F: I’m sorry, but Isaac put me up to this. :O Blame him if you mind. (does the Pacman kidney capture on M’s biceps)
M: Isaac!
I: What? Farrah, do you agree with me now? Look at those muscles! And whether or not you like facial hair, at least he can grow a beard if he wants to!
F: This is true.

We had fun, haha. I don’t think either of us felt a single Chapman point though.

Kroger is having a Greek yogurt sale, so I’m trying out all the brands! :P (I usually go with Fage 0% and soup it up with honey and granola, but since my honey crystallized due to the cold and I haven’t melted it back down yet, I’ve been getting the ones with actual flavor. :O